Lights turn on when I get close to house?

I am ordering my smart things system this week and I was wondering if there was a way for a light or 2 to turn on in my house automatically when I get close to it so I don’t have to fumble for the light switch in the dark or search through the app to turn them on. Is this possible and what do I need to buy as far as a product that can make this happen?

@sean_mills this is very easy to do with a geofence tied to your device. Get within your given geofence, ST can automatically trigger the lights to turn on, open the garage door, set thermostat to a given temp etc. You shouldn’t have to purchase anything additional outside the ST hub and a ST compatible light switch.

ok, cool. It seems like there is so much this system can do I just am gathering bits and pieces of information from videos and from posts until I actually get it installed.

This is exactly what I do. When someone pulls into the driveway, the garage door unlocks and certain lights on the first floor turn on. I haven’t used a key or flipped a switch since I have put everything in place! Very simple with a Hello, Home action such as “I’m Back”

@brianlees are your locks always unlcoked while youre at home and not sleeping?

No, not always. I recently changed my good morning action to keep them locked. However, when I come home in the evening (I’m Back action), I do have them unlock and they stay unlocked. I will probably change that soon once I figure out a good routine for us. TO be honest, if ST had scene controller support, I would install a multi-button controller, leave the doors locked all the time, and then just have an action for “people coming over” or something that would unlock the door since our house often has lots of people in it.

Yea Im looking forward to scene controller support.
I live directly on a highway so we always keep our doors locked and we key in the number pad every time we come back inside. (dang hitchhikers)

That key code is exactly why I really want ST to add native support for recognizing key codes in locks so actions can take place based on the codes. I know there are some SmartApps out there that can do this, but I think it should really get pulled into the native functionality.

+1 for that
So many possibilities!