Lights that imitate sunrise/sunset

I have four smart bulbs in my bedroom that I would like to program to slowly dim on at a set time each morning and slowly dim off at another set time in the evening. I would also like for the lights’ color temperature to change throughout the day so that it’s at max temperature midday and a lower temperature at the two endpoints.

Initially, I wanted to use the Circadian Lights SmartApp, but it appears that’s no longer supported. I’m looking at SharpTools right now, and while this seems to have most of the functionality I’m looking for, there doesn’t appear to be a way to change the color temperature over time without creating hundreds of rules to manually set it (but do correct me if I’m wrong!)

Any ideas on what tool would be best for this?

Edit: The bulbs are strictly wi-fi bulbs, meross brand MSL120 Series D

Brand and model,of the bulbs? Different ones have different functionality in this regard.

Also, if you happen to have apple HomeKit available, this is a built-in feature called “adaptive lighting“ that works with lights from several different brands.

Philips hue bulbs connected to a hue bridge support this, so you can use the circadian light feature through HomeKit and continue to control the bulbs through smartthings as desired.

Obviously that won’t work for everybody, but for people who already have the right hardware, it’s a good choice.

“Labs - Gentle WakeUp” works for me (sunrise), not sure if it would do the opposite.

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The bulbs are Meross MSL120 Series D. They do have built-in color temperature functionality, just nothing that I can find that will adjust the color temperature over time. Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately I don’t have Apple HomeKit.

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I tried this, it does work in reverse but it seems you can only have one of these at a time (so I could have either sunrise or sunset, but not both). It also doesn’t include color temperature as part of its functionality. Thanks for the suggestion!

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If these are ZigBee bulbs I believe Mariano has a circadian lighting option in the Zigbee Light Multifunctional MC driver


Unfortunately the model posted in the first post is a Wi-Fi bulb and does not at present work with edge drivers. It’s a cloud to cloud integration.

That may change once matter is supported by both companies. Or somebody may figure out a local LAN connection, but I haven’t seen one yet. :thinking: