LIFX A19 Wi-Fi smart LED light bulbs on sale @ Amazon (03/25/2018)

Single or 4pack



Tempting, are these the latest gen bulbs? Difficult to work out if they are still experiencing disconnect issues with the latest gen bulbs.

These are NOT the Lifx+

FYI: These are not the LIFX A19 + Nightvision (These are $79.99 from LIFX)

However, it’s still a great deal from the normal price of $59.99 from LIFX.

This is the model number for the LIFX A19 listed above:


The more expensive LIFX A19 + Nightvision has the following model number:

I love the Nightvision on my BR30s as I can leave the room completely dark and it works even better for my Nest cameras, on top of those having night vision as well.

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Perfect, thank you!

The LIFX+ are technically a different line of products, I just wanted to make sure these were the latest generation of non-LIFX+ line.

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There are two (technically 3 A19/E26 style bulbs):

  1. LIFX A19
  2. LIFX + A19 with Nightvision (infrared)
  3. LIFX Mini

The LIFX A19 being sold on Amazon definitely matches the current model number of LIFX A19 on the LIFX site, so you should be good. :slight_smile:

So I did a quick search on Amazon and the A19+ has a deal as well for $55.98 versus $79.99 for a single and $137.18 for a 4 pack (think they screwed up here on the 4 pack) <— Same price as the 4 pack of regular A19

Only 7 left @Benji — Take advantage of it. Get upgraded bulbs with infrared for same price as the regular A19.


Great catch. I checked the price of the + earlier, but didn’t think to check the multi pack of them.

FYI only 5 left now :smile:

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If I didn’t already have about $2600 invested into Hue and LIFX already, I would jump on this. Freaking light show! :joy:

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These will be replacing tunable Hues. Don’t tell the wife, hopefully she won’t notice.

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The infrared is seriously cool. When you view a camera in a pitch black room with the infrared set at 50%, it is just like having the lights on in that room.

That’s why I have wanted them since they were released. Now I have old cameras still running, just for the extra IR lights in some rooms.

Are the + versions essentially the same generation as the non+ models just with added IR LEDs? Or are they maybe an older gen non+ with added IR if that makes sense?

What I guess I’m trying to get at is, am I sacrificing anything by getting the + versions since they are they same price, even though I have no need for the IR functionality?

Since they are newer, I have to ass-U-me that they are better than the original LoL.


AWD has a 4 pack “like new” of the + for $123. I wish I had seen that one earlier.

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They both put out 1100 lumens and 16mil colors.

But yes, I would say the A+ is the newer generation because it adds the infrared functionality.

You may not have a need for it now, but it doesn’t hurt to have it for the future especially if you can steal it for the same price as the others from a misprint on Amazon.

Only other difference is the A19 runs at 11 watts and the + at 13 (probably because of the additional infrared).

If you look at their error, you can buy one at $55 or four at $137. That’s a huge oooops. They are normally $80.00.

How many did you buy @RLDreams? 2 sets of 4? I’m assuming cuz you said only 5 left when it was 7. $270 for 8 versus $80 x 8 at $640? Theft!!! :slight_smile:


I only grabbed 1 set. Still $135 instead of $320 is still stealing.

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Dang… should have clicked it last night… both the A19 and A19+ have gone back up to the usual price.

I have mostly Phillips Hue. Just got 4 Lifx + for playing around with the nightvision. Thanks @WB70 for checking on the plus deal.

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I’m just sitting here LMFAO that we’re all so excited about getting light bulbs for ONLY $35 each.
Who in their right mind would pay $35 for a light bulb?

Who ever said members of HAA were in their right mind?