Liftmaster MyQ Integration

I am in the middle of a home renovation, and currently testing potential smart home devices and integrations. I will likely be using the Brilliant system for light switches and control. Based on my initial testing, Brilliant is compatible with many 3rd party devices (eg, Ring, Kasa, etc) and various cloud ecosystems (Amazon, Google, Apple, Smartthings, etc).

Thus far, whenever I uncover a limitation of the Brilliant ecosystem, I can solve the problem by creating Routines/Automations in various cloud ecosystems that control my Brilliant light switches. Smartthings, in particular, provides the most extensive and flexible functionality (including virtual devices) for controlling Brilliant (and other compatible) devices – even without a Smartthings Hub.

But I am now looking to buy a garage door and considering wall-mount Garage Door Openers from Liftmaster (myQ) and Genie (Aladdin Connect). Brilliant is compatible with Genie, but not Liftmaster. From what I have read, the same is true of Smartthings (supports Genie, but not Liftmaster). But many of the garage door companies I have spoken with strongly recommend Liftmaster, and complain about problems with Genie.

So, I am leaning toward Liftmaster, but would like to know if there is a reliable integrated solution (beyond just relying on the Liftmaster/MyQ app) that might work with Brilliant and/or Smartthings (even if I need to buy a Smartthings-compatible hub).

My goal would be to control the garage door (open, close, view “state”, etc), perhaps in combination with other devices and some conditional logic.

Appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

You can use the following but it requires an always-on server such as rpi, workstation or NAS:

Buying an opener of your choice and then integrating via additional hardware with native support, such as the Zooz relay with garage door kit, is another option that doesn’t require an external server.

If I ultimately purchase a Liftmaster wall-mount garage door opener, I believe I need to find a way for Smartthings to “install” a MyQ device.

I dont see how I can do that without a Smartthings hub (Aeotec, etc). But, it would be great if I can avoid one. And I would also like to avoid a dedicated server just to support MyQ (or a Zwave device).

Is there another cloud ecosystem (Amazon, Google, Apple) that could “install” a MyQ device and make it visible to Smartthings (without a Smartthings hub). I could then see it as a device on my Brilliant light switch App (which I believe would show most Smartthings devices).

Sorry, I missed the no hub comment in the original post…

Are you already using IFTTT? Free accounts can have two applets; you could create a virtual switch in ST (I think you can do that with no hub) and set up one applet to open it when a switch turns on, and another to close it when the switch turns off; but if the garage was opened by other means (like a remote), you wouldn’t be able to signal that back to ST without two more applets

Edited to add: it’s worth noting that the free offering from IFTTT has been shrinking over the last few years - not a good sign, and if you do find that it’s a viable solution, keep in mind that it may be short term if they don’t figure out their business model soon.

I have not used IFTTT for a number of years. And I would be a little reluctant to rely on it for the reasons you mentioned.

But I have successfully created a Virtual Switch on Smartthings without a hub. I used a web app called API Browser +, which was pretty straightforward. Once I created the Virtual Switch, it showed up in the Smartthings App (and also in my Brilliant App, which integrates with Smartthings). This enabled me to use Smartthings Automations to extend Brilliant functionality beyond its native capabilities.

I assume a MyQ device would report the “state” of the garage door (open or closed) regardless of how it was opened or closed, as well as allow for explicit opening or closing.

Since Smartthings does not directly support adding a MyQ device (even if I add a Smartthings/Aeotec hub), I am wondering whether there is another ecosystem (eg, Amazon, Google or Apple) that would directly allow me to install a MyQ device, and would also “sync” that device with Smartthings. I ask that since it is easy to install a “hub” for those ecosystems (eg, a cheap smart speaker).

If so, I could rely on the Smartthings App to control the MyQ device via Automations as well as via voice (eg, Alexa, Google or Siri).

Does this sound feasible? Wonder if I need to contact Chamberlain (which I believe owns MyQ and makes the Liftmaster garage door openers)?

I suggested IFTTT because it’s the only service on the official list of integrations that I’m aware of having an easy (and free) connection to ST. That and the direct (with server) integration mentioned above are the only approaches I know of that will do what you’re looking for.

I see.
Are you aware of any way I can test MyQ compatibility without actually purchasing a Liftmaster garage door opener? For example, I have been able to create virtual devices for Smartthings, even without a hub. And I ordered an Aeotec hub for further testing.

But it is much more difficult to buy both Liftmaster and Genie wall mount garage door openers just to do this compatibility testing. So, I’m wondering whether I could create a virtual switch that would simulate the physical garage door opener, and then test the MyQ (Liftmaster) and Aladdin Connect (Genie) apps.

Does this sound feasible?

If you are referring to the IFTTT integration with MyQ they do not allow opening the garage.
You can use the MyQ door opening/closing as an IFTTT trigger to control a smartthings virtual switch and you can use a smartthings virtual switch to close the garage but not open it.