Leviton VRPA1-1LW: Slow Response?

I purchased a Leviton VRPA1-1LW on Amazon due to cost ($22) and figured Leviton was a legit company. I already had a GE lamp module and it is slick. Well the Leviton is slow (3-5 seconds til activating) vs the almost instant with the GE module. It also does not have a manual button on it. Does anyone else have one to confirm it is just working as designed?

The platform has been completely flaky this week, lots of missing messages, lots of slowdowns, lots of devices falling off line. It’s really hard to evaluate any individual device until the platform stabilizes.

That said, there are several possibilities. Leviton is a quality company, their devices are usually engineered a level up from that of the GE/Jasco line. But it could just be a bad device – – it happens.

First, though, I would look for issues with range. That’s the usual reason for slow response. (Again, though, this is really hard to diagnose this week because of the platform issues.)

It’s fine to initially pair a device very close to the hub. We call this “bench pairing.” However, each zwave device keeps its own mini address table of its nearest neighbors. This tells it who is best to pass along its messages.

When you move a Zwave device to its final location, you need to run a Zwave repair utility so that will know who its true neighbors are. Otherwise, it will continue to try to use the neighbors that were closest to it when it was first paired, and some of those may be out of range, causing slow messages or even missed messages. Additionally, the neighbors closest to it will not even know it exists until their neighbor tables are updated, so its incoming messages may be slow as well.

It never hurts to do a Zwave repair, so typically that’s the first thing you try when you are troubleshooting Z wave device. However, because the recent platform instability included some database corruption, I don’t think I would try one until the database has stabilized. So I would watch the status page and the announcement thread for that. When you do run one, you will see a “finished” message, but that just means the hub has finished sending out the messages telling all the individual devices to rebuild their neighbor tables. It can still take several hours before that rebuild is complete and you see actual improvement.


And the following is the official discussion thread for the platform issues:

Thanks for the repair tip. Range wouldn’t be an issue since it is the same room, line of site, and 5’ from the SmartThings hub. In fact it is plugged into the same outlet as the initial pairing as well. I will wait for stability and do a repair just in case.

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