Less obnoxious buzzer or alert device?


I just had a flood in my basement because no one saw the text from the water sensor, so I didn’t know the sump pump float got stuck during a crazy rain storm.

My only option at this point is to have a siren go off, and I have those connected to the window and door sensors. I don’t want to do that.

Why? Because I don’t want anyone running to one of the gun safes over a little water, and I don’t want anyone wandering downstairs to check out a flood to get killed by a home invader. There needs to be some sort of separate warning for infrastructure alerts and security alerts.

I looked and looked but didn’t find anything promising. Before I go and order these “Z-wave curtain modules” and hook them up to some sort of moderate tone generator like a doorbell, is there a device out there that would accomplish this task? The best I found was a siren with different user-selectable tones, but that was $100 and still too loud. A cheap doorbell is $12, and the curtain modules are about $16. I figure throw a flasher relay in between and I’ve got a reasonable tone generator.

But a factory solution is preferable. Any ideas?

Sure, the $49 Aeon doorbell should work well for you. You can upload up to 99 different custom sound files, so you could have any sound you want. You could have a spoken phrase, a chime, whatever. There’s a custom device type handler in the community that works very well for it.

It’s kind of a pain to get paired, which is why it has low ratings on Amazon, but the community has lots of tips for that process and once you do get it paired It works just fine.

Another option is to get any inexpensive android device and use LANnouncer

There are some other options as well. If you use the quick browse list in the community – created wiki, look in the smart app section for the list for alerts and Notifications. :sunglasses:



Thanks! But now I feel stupid as I dry out the concrete in my basement, and throw away the trash. (luckily nothing expensive)

I have a spare WEMO outlet, and I have an electric radio. Duh

So I’ll put the radio on a shelf somewhere, plugged into the WEMO. There’s my sump pump failure alert. It won’t work in a power outage, but hey, I can install it right now. :sunglasses:

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Not that it’s a big help, but I run LANNouncer on a $49 tablet I bought from Frys.

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Thanks, that was my other option. I just bought a few of those 7" Fire tabs for $33. With minimal work and a pc you can add the play store. But I already have the radio and WEMO plug. The radio is worthless and the plug was about $21 after Lowes coupon. I may still do LANnouncer if I use the tabs for other control purposes, and mount them on the wall.

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You could make it flash all lights in the house. That would probably be enough to wake me up. Or get an old school buzzer to connect to it.