LED Strips/lights

I bought the Tingkam LED strip and the way I managed to get it to work with Smartthings was to use Logitech Harmony hub.

How tricky was it to set up with the Harmony? Can you set it up to change colours by activating different harmony routines? I’m thinking of putting one behind my TV but would also like to use harmony for film mode etc. All of the current activities I have were easy to set up but I imagine this is a case of having to teach the remote?

It was pretty straightforward, the only difficult part was trying to find out what device to set it to but after that, it works flawlessly. Yes, you will be able to change the colours of the LED lights using different harmony routines and if you decide to go ahead with Tingkam LEDs then just let me know and I will let you know what I called the device name. The Tingkam lights are bright enough too.

Great, thanks for that. Have just ordered some that arrive tomorrow so will have a go at setting them up.

Okay no worries, I’ll check tonight and will update this thread.

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I set the device has ‘TINGKAM Light Controller’

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Thanks for that. They have not long turned up so will try setting up shortly

I managed to get it all set up - however if i use my remote at all the lights flicker, so turning up or down the volume for example. Do you have the same issue? I also had to add two power on commands as the lights came on and then off again!

I’m not sure if I have the same issue because I use the harmony hub and not the remote. Only thing I could suggest is to hide the IR receiver from the remote so only the hub can see it?

I don’t understand how your Harmony hub communicates with them? Doesn’t seem to have Wi-Fi/Zigbee/Z-Wave.

I have the same dilemma as you, however for a 100" projector screen, so the Osram/Philips strips would cost a fortune. I would also prefer to stick to just using my SmartThings hub and Zigbee or Z-Wave. Can someone who is a bit more proficient in this topic explain why using the FLS-PP controller is more complicated than the Lightify strip? Does it have a Device handler? I too would like to be able to start a scene (turning on/off + changing color) with a voice command to Google Home.