Led Strip lights, PIR and Dusk til dawn?

Good Morning from a newbie poster (Have had st for a while, but not really done much…)
I have just recently bought an led strip light that works with Alexa.

I want to use it as subtle ‘night’ light in a bathroom (to help my 13 year old boy with his aim at night!!) It will also be used a statement uplight on a wall. My question is, and it’s maybe really easy, if I buy a ST PIR is there a way that I can automate the light to come on when someone enters the bathroom, but only at night??

I can buy a led strip light that only comes on when someone enters, but it isn’t light dependant and comes on at any time, and I can seem to buy a led strip that comes on using Alexa, but can’t seem to find a combination of the two without paying extortionate amount of money here in the UK…

You mentioned that the light strip works with Alexa but not if it can be controlled with SmartThings.

If it’s controllable with SmartThings then the Smart Lighting app in ST will do what you want.

You can use an echo routine (not a smartthings routine). :sunglasses:

If you just want the light to come on every time the sensor detects someone, that’s really easy.

If you want to restrict it to certain times of day, you can do that, but it gets more complicated because you have to set up a virtual sensor as a proxy, have the echo routine trigger off of the virtual sensor, and use SmartThings to control when the virtual sensor is allowed to activate.

So you can definitely do it, you don’t require any other devices than the sensor, the light, and the echo, it just gets a little complicated to set up. But lots of community members are using the method to integrate devices that work with echo but don’t work with smartthings.

See the community FAQ:

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