Laundry Monitor

@bmmiller I just loaded and used your Laundry Monitor Smartapp are you using this for both washer and dryer? I hook up my washer to the Aeon Labs Z-wave Smart Energy Switch but my dryer is 220 volts? I don’t know of a solution for the dryer? any ideas in the mean time I keep using the smartsense multi. I like your app.

@llcanada I think Aeon Labs is working on a 220 volt monitor but it hasn’t been released. One of the reasons people started using the smart switch is because their washers don’t vibrate enough to trigger the multi sensor. The dryer will likely shake around more do to the weight of the clothes shifting in the drum.

If it is a 220v dryer, you would need a 220v meter. I can’t really help you there obviously but the app itself doesn’t care about the voltage. It really could be used for anything that pulls over 1W as the minimum wattage is user configurable.

For what it is worth though, neither my washer or dryer vibrated enough to utilize the multisensor.

Bought two of these Z wave smart energy switches, I was able to add just fine, when I click on the tile it turns on/off just fine. Here are my issues

When I go to configure/refresh, i get a Error"an unexpected error message"

Ill test the app in a bit

Edit: app isn’t working but it’s related to the main issue. I don’t see any energy used and I get the error message.

What device type are you using? Energy and power usage isn’t a real time thing. It only updates on changes and refresh/configure hasn’t ever done anything for me. I don’t think all devices work by initiating a refresh. My device type has changed to be almost exactly the same as the “Z-Wave Metering Switch” provided by SmartThings. The only difference is my allows you to pick a different icon for the Things screen which is obviously trivial.

I would try and run your washer/dryer to produce a change of value. Even after that happens, and it is changing values, it only updates every 5 minutes so that is something else to consider.

If you aren’t getting energy/power feedback though, I am not sure it is a fair statement to claim that the app doesn’t work. Kind of like saying your car doesn’t work when the gas tank is empty.


Ok. I have a better understanding. Using your device and now seeing energy being used.

I wasn’t aware of the 5 minute updates. Anyway to make it more often?

So I’m clear, I need to wait at least 5 minutes after laundry is done before the smartapp notifies me? Been more than 5 and no notification.

Also, the smart labs version has option to turn on lights. Are you working on that?

Thanks in advance

I’m not working on anything anymore with it as it suits my purpose perfectly as-is. What light are you talking about exactly? The blue light around the on/off button? That’s really the only way to know if power is being given to the device that is plugged in so it seems kind of important to keep it actually. I also don’t see anything with the control of the light in the SmartThings device type “Z-Wave Metering Switch.” Perhaps you can copy/paste what you feel should be controlling it?

You could attempt updating the values of 300 at the bottom of the device type (which is in seconds, representing 5 min) in hopes that it speeds up the polling, but think about whether it is really worth it to know that your dryer is off immediately. The reason switches and lights update immediately is because they send state information immediately. Something like a meter cannot operate that way because it is constantly changing. You could potentially get several updates a second which are mostly meaningless as they’d be very close.

Anyway, the way the app works, is once it sees wattage over the user configurable value (default 50) it sets the state to indicate it is running. Once the next poll of wattage is below the threshold AND the previous state was running, it sends out the notification and updates the state to indicate the device is no longer running. If you pick a threshold that is too long, it might not ever switch state.

I am using a slightly modified version of @sudarkoff 's code. I added support for speechSynthesis so I can speak the alerts through my Ubi. When I first used, it, I noticed that my washer never gets to zero, so I set my “off” threshold to <=4 .

The problem I have is that every so often, I get a blip where the washer isn’t being used and the wattage shows 2 and then 1. This shouldn’t trigger an alert, because when the alert went off when the washer was really done, state.cycleOn should be flipping to false. I double checked and there hadn’t been a measurement over 8 since the washer finished, so it shouldn’t have been set back to true

My Washer tends to start at 9w and end at 4w

I currently have the device configured as an Aeon Home Energy Meter

Any ideas why this isn’t working as designed? My handler code is below, my full code is at

def handler(evt) {
  def latestPower = meter.currentValue("power")
  log.trace "Power: ${latestPower}W"

  if (!state.cycleOn && latestPower > 8) {
    state.cycleOn = true
    state.cycleStart = now()
    log.trace "Cycle started."
  // If the washer stops drawing power, the cycle is complete, send notification.
  else if (state.cycleOn && latestPower <= 4) {
    state.cycleOn = false
    state.cycleEnd = now()
    duration = state.cycleEnd - state.cycleStart
    log.trace "Cycle ended after ${duration} minutes."

I just upgraded my washer and the new one doesn’t go to 0 and I’m seeing issues as well. I’ll fix the bug and update the code. I have added some additional goodies since.

Awesome, ours sits at 1 when idle/off and when it’s draining it’s idle so we usually get one false notification. My wife generally knows to ignore the first alert but this working better would be great. I thought about adding a wait 5 mins. Just bought a Aeon HEM V1 for the dryer as the 220 Aeon device I bought doesn’t yet work with ST. The HEM V1 is only $30 on Amazon :smile:

The false alarm reset issue ended up being related to the running time calculation. I removed that since I don’t need it and no more false alarms. Since that was throwing an error the flag would never set to false

I did also have to set the alert threshold to < 4 as it has one moment at 4 mid cycle. It goes to 2 when done

I had to set mine to 2. It’s after the soap cycle spin but before the rinse the washer spins very very slowly.

Dryer works great! Btw that gen 5 220 might be supported now if you ask support for new firmware:

I sent them an email but what makes you think it may be supported now?

The post I linked was from Duncan. He seems to be a ST employee. He said that he believed they were pushing out updated firmware for this issue on an ad needed basis by request.

Sorry I missed that part. Thanks for the info, still no word from them I’m anxiously awaiting their reply.

Just got an email from Ryan in support who said he wasn’t aware of any support for Gen 5 but would push me the beta firmware with my approval. I told him to send it and also provided the link to Duncan’s post.

If you can get it paired, the devicetype needs to be updated most likely, but that is relatively trivial once it’s paired and you have the fingerprint.

Fixed a couple of issues and added speech alert:

Haven’t had a chance to test it properly, though.


Anyone else getting sporadic behavior with the Laundry Monitor app again? It seems with the ST Multisensor, results are very mixed. It’s not a problem with the sensor itself as it is detects activity.