Laundry Monitor smart app can you add speaker ability?

Good afternoon. Can someone provide a code to add a smart speaker notification to work with the laundry monitor to announce a cycle is finished with the flashing lights?

Can you please provide the complete code for the app?

Thank you in advance.

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You didn’t say which smart speaker, but if it’s an Echo, you ought to be able to do that with Echo Speaks. I don’t know if it can hook your laundry monitor directly, but it not, perhaps you can get the laundry monitor to throw a virtual momentary switch which will trigger the announcement via Echo Speaks.

Sorry about that a Sonos speaker.

@Steven_Ross1, have a look at this. SONOS not working as before

I have posted there a version for the new Sonos integration.

hmm… are you referring to the better laundry monitor? i looked into it, it looks like it uses a smart plug compared to the laundry monitor which uses a multipurpose sensor for the vibration.

Are you able to by chance alter the code fore the Laundry Monitor to integrate it for the Sonos?

@Steven_Ross1, please post here a link for the SmartApp. I don’t know which Laundry Monitor SmartApp do you mean.
If you post any code here, then use the code formatting </> option for it.

Please see the link

Thank you in advance.

@Steven_Ross1 - Try this. Copy and paste it to IDE. I will move thing around soon in my GitHub repos. There is a mess now.

Otherwise, please start to read more than starting new threads and posting the same question in multiple places. It gets a bit annoying for some people. Someone will start to flag your posts. Just a fair reminder.

Thank you very much Gabor. I appreciate it. I did post in multiple locations as I was scared I didn’t post in the correct place. Thank you very much I appreciate your help. I will be mindful going forward. Have a nice day.

Hello Gabor, thank you for the code, i tried it, and it produced this error

“Metadata Error: Cannot nest section ‘null’ inside existing section ‘Via this number (optional, sends push notification if not specified)’”

I appreciate your help.

Try it again.

thank you for your help, unfortunately i am getting this error

“startup failed: script_app_metadata_e63e307d_6af2_4bba_946e_ae554200ad7d: 232: expecting ‘}’, found ‘’ @ line 232, column 2. } ^ 1 error”

Now it should have the right amount of } at the right place.

Good morning Gabor, you are truly amazing. I appreciate your help! the app published without an issue, giving it a run now, will let you know how it works out. thank you again. have a nice morning.

Thank you very much Gabor it works perfect. I really appreciate it.

Good evening Gabor. For some reason I am getting a false positive when you open the dishwasher or open the dryer - does it by chance have to do with my cycle setting or my fill time setting of 1? Please see attached. It doesn’t happen every time but it definitely happens when opening and closing both appliances.

Thank you in advance.

You need to play around how your timings are for this. I haven’t looked at the code how it does the detection for cycles, but the opening and closing the door would trigger the motion sensors for vibration for a short time. If you do it in a 5 minutes window, it would might recognize as a running program.

I guess if you’ve created before any Automations you have removed those to do not confuse you.

Hi Gabor! Thanks for this fork. I installed a Zooz ZEN15 on my washing machine then loaded EchoSpeaks smart app, but the included automation didn’t work for my washing machine use. I disabled the automation, then loaded your version of Better, changed the two wattage parameters, and had it send the notification to the EchoSpeaks virtual devices (essentially all the Echos in the house). It worked on the first try! :+1:t3:

Now comes my stupid question: I also have the HomeSeer Indicator Light Sensor to get a trigger from the dryer. How do I load a second instance of Better that triggers separately with the other trigger device?