Latency sensitive - Direct Hub Connection

(Matt) #1

I have a latency sensitive application for the smart hub. I have a fairly rubbish internet connection that sometimes will flake out, and I want to do a few things such as have a doorbell immediately ring if someone is at my door. Or synchronise my RGB lights to what is currently playing out of my amplifier.

I’m a pretty experienced developer and can write code for raw sockets if neccesary. I just don’t want to use the cloud if possible for some interactions with my Z-Wave network, which is controlled by the smartthings hub.

If there is some kind of spec for commands to be sent to the hub over IP, then I’m more than happy to write an open source c# management layer along with some sample apps.

(Brian Steere) #2

Right now (and probably the near future), there is no processing done on the hub. Everything has to go through the cloud. That said, it can control LAN devices, so if your management layer can handle the latency sensitive things you may be able to do what you’re hoping for.

(Matt) #3

Ack. Thanks.

I’ll do what I did for my air conditioner which does a similar thing (uses cloud for control - Mitsubishi melcloud), and write a man in the middle forwarder / proxy service. Hack the dns entry that the smart things hub is connecting too and do some magic.

I’ll post some results as I make progress here.

(Matt) #4

When I say hack the dns. I mean I will fake the dns entry on my local dns server in my house. Not attack any smarter things infrastructure!

(Stian Øien) #5

Any progress here? I have contacted Mitsubishi as well but it seems they do not have plans to open for third party integration i am afraid.

(Matt) #6

No encryption on the MelCloud stuff. Pretty easy json requests to intercecpt. Just wireshark your browser interactions on and then you can write your own client.