Last contact?

I have two multi-purpose sensors, and two Iris devices (Lowe’s) monitoring my doors and garage.
I’ve noticed that the 3 of these devices do not have a “last contact at” settings, and seems to be non-responsive when they move. The temperature hasn’t changed…

I’ve pulled the batteries out, and put them back in… So I suspect maybe the battery is dead, although the readings in Smarthings says they are 77% (Of course, they can’t update with a dead battery), but I would have suspected the last reading to be much lower.

I’m going to buy some new batteries today, but this just seems strange to me. I would have thought to get a low battery alert, or something else.

Is there a way to let me know when a device has not talked to the hub in time periods? That would be really helpful.

Yes, @erocm1231 Eric has created an APP for that, Thank you Eric !

here is the link:

This is called a wellness check. There are several smart apps that can do this, each with slightly different features.

See the quick browse list in the community – created wiki. :sunglasses:

Look for “wellness check” in the smartapp section.