Lamp Module not excluding or able to add to network

I have a Evolve LDM-15W Lamp Module and for some reason I cant seem to exclude the module, or to add it to the ST network. I am hoping someone else might have a solution for this.

Here’s what I’ve done:

I went into my iOS app and went to “Hub > Z-Wave Utilities > General Device Exclusion > Remove”

As it said “Exclusion Mode Active,” I pressed the button on my lamp Module. No response from the app, and I had tried this several time. i have even placed the module next to the v2.0 Hub. Since it didnt do the exclusion I hit cancel to exit out of this screen.

I went into “Add Thing > Connect Now” and as it said “I’m looking for things,” I pressed the button on the Lamp Module again. It did not register.

I repeated the whole process again with a double tap, just for good measure, with no results.

Do you have any other ideas?

I really appreciate your time in responding! Thank you!