Lack of knowledge (2021)

I’ve decided to stop answering many questions in the forums on anything that is SmartThings -specific, since I’m just not finding it possible to keep up. I can’t use the app, I don’t use the rules API, and I’m no longer using a hub. And I’m not in any of the beta programs.

I do still use smartthings in a hub-optional configuration, so I may get involved in discussions of some of those devices.

And I will still be happy to participate in discussions about third-party protocols, including zigbee, Z wave, and now Matter.

But I’m not going to even try to get into discussions about DTH details or Automations any more. I’m just too far out of date. If there’s a question about a device or integration that I myself am using and it’s relevant, I’ll post that, but I will also mention that I’m not up-to-date on what you can do with the app.

If there are any FAQs that need to be updated, feel free to let me know but someone else will have to replace them with a new FAQ, preferably in the wiki so that anybody can edit it, but otherwise with a new FAQ here, and I will deprecate the old one as soon as the new one is available.

It’s been fun, and I’ve enjoyed learning a great deal and sharing a bit of what I’ve learned, but, like I said, I just can’t keep up these days.

Maybe in another year or so if smartthings has a solid matter Integration I’ll be able to come back to that. :sunglasses:

But don’t bother tagging me on DTH‘s or integrations or even IFTTT or echo as I’m just too far behind now.

Also, as weird as it may sound, I’m no longer comfortable answering most device specifications questions because I don’t know what will or won’t work with smartthings. Fibaro Devices being a good example.

I do have hope that matter is going to bring a lot of very significant benefits to the DIY home automation market in the next 18 months or so and that smartthings will be a major player there, particularly for android users.

So this definitely isn’t goodbye: but I’m just going to sit back in the recliner for a while and let people who know the answers answer the questions. :wink:



Enjoy your “retirement”.


I haven’t posted here in a long time, but wanted to say thanks @JDRoberts.

This is a big loss for the ST community, since I’m quite certain you’ve forgotten more about home automation than I’ll ever know. But your explanations why make a lot of sense.


Out of curiosity, is the reason you can’t use the app still due to accessibility concerns? I never even installed the new app as I moved on from ST way before the old app was completely retired.

Yes, exactly.


Sigh, their commitment to accessibility features doesn’t seem to have changed much over time:

Some of their competitors are much more responsive to the needs of customers that could benefit from physical accommodations. Samsung should try harder to keep up.


To be honest JD, I don’t blame you, the love I had for home automation when we had classic has been ebbing away since classic was retired, it was fun back then and everything worked

Now things are different on many many levels, I said this before in other threads, if there was a viable alternative for my use case I would go in a heartbeat


Mind if I ask what use case?

Lazy user, I do not want to code or use a Pc
pretty app that is logical, useable, configurable, modern, and informative, (updated classic)
interaction with developers who had no issues understanding users needs and groovy so they could could create smart apps for idiots like me

discussions, not on how crap the app is, or what Samsung has screwed up this time but on what we have created and what use cases we had for various items

I diversed into what I miss about the whole Smarthome scene but u get the jist

Smartthings was excellent
Samsung Smartthings is not

Going back to the original post
If your no1 smart mind can’t keep up and despite continued posts outlining (politely) the issues with accessibility, then someone, somewhere has interests that are not inline with the platforms original purpose

On the upside, my Aeotec movement sensor stopped working after the update, a new battery solved the issue, now the battery level shows 255%, the latest app actually super charges batteries… cool !

Did this just end ages ago or are Harman to blame for the latest BIG THING


Sorry to hear this @JDRoberts. As a relatively new user, I found your encyclopedic knowledge to be a great help!


It’s very hard to “like” this first post.