Kwikset convert lock

I dont even know if im doing this right. I have a kwikset convert that i just got. I have it set up to the door correctly. But when i try to connect it to my phone it cant find the device. And when i try to add it using smart things it says the device requires a hub to add device. But i thought smart things was a hub. I need help connecting my kwikset convert to my phone.

can you provide us:

  • the model of the ST hub or are you only using SmartThings app with no hub
  • model of the Kwikset lock
  • is the lock using z-wave/zigbee/wifi

Okay, so i came to the realization that i dont understand what a hub is. So its just the st app. What is a hub and how do i get one? Do i download it, do i buy it? And how exactly does it work. The kwikset lock is a kwikset convert, and its ran by zigbee.

Or it uses zigbee i guess. This is my first smart lock. I got it from xfinity. I dont exactly understand how it works. I just know im supposed to be able to lock and unlock my front door right from my phone.

You need a hub to use that lock, this can be a Smartthings hub which is a physical device you connect to your home network and then connect the Smartthings app on your phone to and then add the lock. Alexa also works with that lock so you can also use a newer Echo device or similar Alexa device as a hub. Make sure it support Zigbee. I think that would probably be the easiest way. If you got this from Xfinity then maybe there is a way to connect this with your Xfinity system somehow. When Xfinity sent it to you did they provide any instructions?

Since you got it from xFinity, I will assume you have the xFi advanced 6E gateway which also has zigbee and matter.
You need to go to xfinitys support website for instructions on how to pair your Kwikset lock with the “xFinity home app”. Then you can control the lock through the xFinity home app.
I do not know whether this is compatible with Smartthings or not.

Just to clarify for Raquel. The xFi advanced 6E gateway also works as your Zigbee hub.