Kwikset 916 -- What Functions Can I Use with SmartThings?

I need a app that can use all the fuctions of the Kwikset 937 lock… May even buy it from you, dead bolt lock has many features, but no use if there is no App. .

I don’t see a 937 in the Kwikset line but some of the models have names instead of numbers. Do you have a link to the product page?

I was wrong, its Kwikset zwave Deadbolt 916 lock, has allot of capabilities, but I can only lock and unlock the deadbolt? I would really like to use all the capbilities… Can you help?

all” the Capabilities? There are probably several things it can do that are not worth implementing, BTW.

Regardless … yes … it can be done, though it is difficult to know in advance how reliable it will be. There is some experimental code around to handle extra capabilities of Schlage Z-Wave locks, and some of that code might be directly applicable.

Commissioning custom software is expensive, unless someone is willing to take the chance that more users will come on board and be willing to pay for the drivers / apps. Currently, SmartThings does not have a functional retail “Marketplace” for selling Community developed code, and there is a lot of volunteered code and “donation ware”.

If you want to commission me to develop this, private message me with your offer.

One of the challenges is setting up a test environment (OK … a block of wood with a deadbolt mounting hole in it and one of the locks, of course)!

Have you looked at the existing lock manager smartapps? They’re quite popular, and typically free or minimal contribution.

Here’s one example:

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It takes a dev familiar with writing device types with a sample of the device and time/patience. Personally, I’d avoid someone who wanted to charge you for it.

I think (but I’m not sure) that he’s more looking for a device type to make the functionality available. Similar to what I did with the Schlage deadbolt. (And no, I’m not dead.)



What’s wrong with the wanting to be paid for one’s effort?

Nothing… until that “effort” is just taking someone else’s code and refactoring it or changing a couple of values. …and then hiding it behind a paywall without even giving proper credit. I think you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Agreed. All development is subject to all source’s copyrights and licenses.

I want fuctionality, able to change the codes from the app. , kill codes after a one time use… Now I can onle see when the lock was used and lock or open, no low battery or other neat things. FC

Its advertised as all works on ST, then after you buy it you find out different… ST offers no help, they or so slow to help anybody, I do not even recomend them anymore…this stuff should work as advertised or quit acting like it does, just tell the truth.

I do use the deadbolt Kwikset ST app, but very limited fir the new lock… I feel ST only says they are great, but no action for the customer, I do not want to hear , write my own App, I do not know how to do that? Thats why I am not getting any more ST products…

The SmartThings “Compatibility Page” has a footnote for the Kwikset locks saying that “Custom Lock Codes not yet supported”. It’s hidden, but it is honest disclosure.

Lock Code Manager does all this with your lock - I’m using it on three of them