KLCW-110v fan controller on Amazon

Has anyone used this device yet? According to answered questions on Amazon, it works with SmartThings. If so, I would like to add this to all my ceiling fans. I realize the description does not mention ST, but the answered questions do mention ST.

If you can’t find it by using the link I provided, then the ASIN number is B07RYD632T.

If you have used one of these, please share the DH you used to use it.


The. Only mention of smartthings that I saw in the reviews or the questions were in questions that are answered by the seller who just tells everyone that the fan will do whatever they are asking. I don’t know if that’s a language problem or just a sales tactic, but I wouldn’t go by those answers.

As far as what the device will actually do, it is using the smartlife app, which does have an IFTTT channel, so you can probably get some integration that way.


Some comments:

  • It is for LED lights.
  • WiFi is apparently in the remote control (battery powered) - so batteries required even for WiFi ops.
  • Installation requires a complete removal, rewire, reinstallation of the fan. A lot of overhead work.
  • You might consider other, less difficult wifi fan control options (use Amazon search term: “Wifi Wall Switch for Fan”); including already SmartThings compatible devices for FAN control (eg. GE).

No matter how you go, good luck and keep cool with your fan!

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Most ST compatible fan controls aren’t WiFi.

The following lists a number of options. (Although the topic title mentions Alexa, it’s the same device selections whether you are using Alexa or not.)

FAQ: 2018 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?

Dave, thanks for your response and suggestions.

The scope of the project is to control the 3 speed ceiling fan motor and its light fixture using a single device inside the canopy for each fan. In the case of this device, I consider having a handheld remote a bonus.

  • All of my lights in the house are LED, so this is no problem.
  • It’s no problem for the remote to have batteries.
  • Since this will be housed in the canopy of the fan, all I have to do is loosen the canopy and rewire. Removal and reinstallation of the fan will not be necessary. Installing any switch will require rewiring work.
  • I’m not looking for a wall switch for the fan, because after much searching, nobody makes a wall switch which can control both the lights (dimmable) and the fan (3 speeds) in a single controller. Also, most of my ceiling fans are currently powered with a single light switch. If I went the wall switch route, I would be looking at spending a lot more money than the $27 for each of these devices, and I would have to add an additional wall switch with wiring for each fan.

I have messaged the seller for more details about SmartThings integration.

The hunt continues.

Edit …
I sent an email to support@ismartlife.me regarding IFTTT integration with the Smart Life app since this device is compatible with the Smart Life app, but the email came back as undeliverable. :frowning:

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Another device to consider:

The components are Sonoff.

BTW, look at the thread below. It is more generic on ceiling fan control options and SmartThings:

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I understand why you’re not looking at the other choices, but because there may be other people reading this thread in the future, I did want to say that there are in fact a couple of choices that will do this. They are all listed in the FAQ.

But they do cost more than the ones you were looking at. Of course the ones you were looking at don’t have a wall switch, which is a requirement that some other people have.

So as always, different things will work for different people. :sunglasses:

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After much deliberation, I have decided to go the route of the Home Depot Hampton Bay universal remote controls. I already have the previous thermostatically controlled models, so I should be able to sell them to offset the cost of the new controls. The controls I am ordering are model 99432 found at this URL: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Hampton-Bay-Universal-Wink-Enabled-White-Ceiling-Fan-Premier-Remote-Control-99432/206591100.

The reason I decided to go this route is the controllers are on sale. Their normal price of $49.99 is $39.99 with free shipping today.

Using these controls, I won’t have to create a IFTTT solution for controlling the fans.

I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and input.

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I just came across the QIACHIP Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit on Amazon while searching around for a fan controller I could install in my (non-smart) fan’s canopy. My options are limited since (a) I only have 1 electrical line between my wall switch and the fan+light and (b) my fan uses E12 socket bulbs so smart bulb options are tougher.

@hjbreese Did the seller get back to you with more details about SmartThings integration?

I already have one of the much-discussed Hampton Bay Zigbee controllers installed on a fan in another room and it’s generally working great with SmartThings and the custom DH, but I wanted to check this out since it’s half the price and, hey, it’s something new to play with.

@JDRoberts I have the same suspicion as you that the seller is saying “yes” to everything, including SmartThings support, but given the overall good Amazon ratings of the product (and free returns on this product with Prime), I’m just gonna put it to the test.

The seller did admit that the kit does not integrate with ST. I installed one of the Hampton Bay kits in each one of my ceiling fans. In the living room we have 2 fans. I set the receivers both to the same channel, and they work together as one fan/light. I was lucky enough to score a receiver on ebay for $5, so I did not have to order a kit for that second fan in the living room.

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