Keen Vent Controls

I have Keen Vents throughout my two story house and the bridges just suck. I am wanting to connect them to a Smartthings hub and Ecobee 4 with the Ecobee sensor in every room. What options do I have in terms of apps?


There are few options out there: some users with basic needs use smart Lighting, others webCore, but if you have spent hundreds of dollars for the vents & your ecobee4, don’t you want to have the most powerful option to orchestrate your ecobee4 in conjunction with your vents?

With my zoned heating/cooling smartapps, you can even create your own virtual zone devices for easier control of your vents:

The whole workflow and smartapps that I created are based on the concepts of rooms/zones/schedules. There is no other options out there that can leverage your ecobee4’s climate settings and your vents with proportional control.

  • Ability to create zones inside your home (ex. upstairs bedrooms, basement, ground floor). A zone is composed of 1 to many rooms (in some other apps, a zone is only one room which is not flexible).

  • Ability to create schedules so that the above zones are active only during a specific period of the day

     For example: at nights, the airflow shall be directed only to the upstairs bedrooms; during the
     day, the airflow shall be directed towards the ground floor and the basement, but not the upstairs bedrooms).
  • Ability to control the vent proportionally based on each room’s temp differential to the thermosat’s setpoints

  • The smartapps include many safeguards to avoid closing too many vents which is detrimental to your HVAC if the static pressure is too high.

  • With my zoned heating/cooling smartapps, you can also use any ST connected sensors (temp/motion/contact/presence) to control the vents, you don’t need to use the ecobee’s proprietary ones which have limited motion capabilities.

  • Ability to use contact sensors (for doors and windows) to control the vents.

  • Ability to set the thermostat’s setpoints to achieve best comfort and energy efficiency during a schedule run. You don’t need to control your setpoints in yet another app, everything is done in one smartapp.

  • Ability to run schedules based on the ST hello modes (Night, Away, Home, any custom ones)

  • Ability to do avg temp (or median/min/max) calculations of any ST connected remote sensors and set the thermostat to away or present

  • Ability to trigger alternative cooling based on outdoor temp threshold

And, many more features, refer to

For the UI look and feel, refer to

Finally, there are many testimonials under my threads: