Jellyfish Aquarium (Lighting hack)

Hello all

Nice little hack here to show you, using a lighting module ive managed to hack the cubic jellyfish aquarium light strip to be operated via mobile and integrated it with SmartThings & Hue (simple i know but cool).

I am now looking to work with Seneye to have their system trigger lighting moods based on the Seneye readings, for instance " OUT OF WATER " reading would send me a text via smartthings and then flash the tank light red so i know theirs an issue, or the same for an ammonia spike that is about to happen etc etc

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From an old aquarium hound…that is cool. Makes me want to get another one just thinking about the fun stuff you could do.

Awesome idea for testing water quality and alerting…that was always an issue. Let us know how that goes.

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That’s the worst. It’s routine, but to check the salinity of my salt tanks every morning and also once a week on my freshwater ones takes up times. Especially when I have to keep reminding my fiance to check whenever I’m out of town. That would be amazing if there’s one that I can remotely check.

Great job @AutomateEverything, this looks very clean and I like the video that came with it! :smiley:

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The kit already exists to do this its called " SENEYE " but i noticed they have a very clean API im trying to find a devloper who will help me intergrate it to smartthings so it can trigger air pumps / water top ups / feeders / lighting / etc etc etc

Im going to launch a post soon with full info and ideas and links and concept :slight_smile: keep an eye out

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Check these guys out :smile:

Hey I got the Cubic orbit 20 tank. I lost the remote how do i do this with the phone?Thanks

It only worked with the CUBIC80 as i could attatch the led strip to a RGB zigbee module but the cubic 20 which i also have one of us just a bulb, best option would probably be fidinf a compatible zigbee bulb eith same fitting maybe.

I have the same tank and would love to do this what controller did you use Do you have a link and is it easy to setup?

I just used a Dressden FLP - LED Controller, its light link signed so links into HUE or SmarTthings and controls like any native hue bulb would :slight_smile:

In short I had an electrician friend help me; but we just disconnected the led connection into the main control box on the aquarium, cut the cable at that end and recalled it into the FLP. Then stuck with double sided pads the FLP in the rear with all the other electric and ran a power cable out the bottom to the socket. Easy peasey then connected like any other bulb. Worked a charmed

I no loner have mine but was a real talking point when I had it, my plan was always to have someone create me a SmartThings/SENEYE integration with seneyes aquarium monitoring API and whenever there was any issues with the water the lights would tell me, if you search “seneye” on here there is a full topic on it I made and people now willing to do the smart app :slight_smile: best of luck I look forward to a video of the results.

Does this connect directly to smartthings or do I need a Phillips hue bridge?

it can connect direct to smartthings mate :slight_smile: