Itead sonoff 1 channel inching wifi wireless switch 5v 12v

Hi all, wondering if anyone has managed to successfully flash and create a device handler for this Sonoff wireles switch?

I have searched but have not found much

I have been looking for this as well. If you find one please post it here.


I’ve flashed one 12V version (it works with 7-32V written on it (24V from a gate is good for it)) with the firmware from this thread:

I used the one for the Basic Sonoff. It works well with the module. The smartapp and DH is easy to set up and everything works together.

Few points to note regarding the flashing and the module, is to bring it to flash mode, you need to hold the inner button when you power it up, then it will start clicking, if you powered it from the micro USB, then press the outer button, and it will stop the clicking, and ready for flashing.

Flashing can be done only through the processor’s pins, as there is no other point which is connected for RX and TX. I used some long DuPont (male) connectors, and kept holding it to the pins, meanwhile power was from the micro USB and GROUND from the FTDI module, through the pin out on the board. For flashing I used NodeMCU flasher here: (details of settings in the aforementioned thread’s starting post.)

After flashing you need to disconnect the power, and when powered on again, hold long the inner button for 10+ seconds to activate the access point of the module and do the setup of the wifi network through that. The AP’s password: configme , and the IP address of the module will be

The module works perfectly in locking mode. In inching mode it does what it should do, but when the power cycled, then it turns on and off the relay, so that option is not good for a gate controller.

But in locking mode, you can set up an auto off value, for 1 which would turn off the relay after 1 second. So then it is good for a gate/garage controller, if you connect the garage/gate automatic in an NO circuit.

I hope this helps for you!

Best Regards,

Gábor Szabados

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