Issues Displaying rgbSelector on iPads

In the course of making some handler updates to move the color selector from a multiTile to a separate tile (a color selector on a multiTile crashes the mobile app when you tap on it), I have noticed that the color selector is not rendered properly on iPads. I don’t know if the same happens on Android tablets.

I have emailed support, ticket #510905. I’m posting here as an FYI and in case anyone else has tried to deal with this before.

It appears there is a bug when rendering the rgbSelector on an iPad. In the following example the tile size for the rgbSelector is set to 6x6 in the handler’s code but it actually renders huge. If I chose a smaller tile size the rendering is always larger than what is in the code.

The issue means that it’s impossible to develop a handler that uses an rgbSelector and have it display correctly on an iPad.


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