Is there a way to pair XFinity/Comcast outlets and cameras to Smartthings?

I have almost new cameras from xfinity / comcast and wall adapter/outlets. I am hoping there is a way to pair these with smartthings. I have been looking for a hub to pair them with since they were super expensive and are completely useless now. I would prefer to stay under the samsung umbrella if at all possible.

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I’m looking for an answer to the exact same question.

Probably not, except for one of the contact sensors, but we would need the exact brand and model of each device to tell for sure.

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The camera I am using is branded as the Xfinity Home xCAM. Yes, xCAM is the model.

There aren’t really any official Camera integrations with SmartThings except for Arlo, Skybell, and ring. And even it’s a fairly limited integration.

You May be able to get Some integration with other cameras, just depends on the details. Hopefully someone else who has one and knows more will chime in.