iRULU WiFi DLNA Speaker lamp

Unfortunately I dont know anything about coding but I hope somebody will continue your work @blahmartinblah and make it work :slight_smile:. I have a few of these irulu lamps it will be nice to be able to control them via smartthings

It is working - just a bit buggy and requires some manual setup right now.
It will turn the lamp on/off and adjust colour.
I will try spend some more time this weekend on improving it.

I know you said a certain file is running on your NAS for this to work. Is it possible to get it work without a NAS and run the file on a computer? Sorry it might be a stupid question but I’m not very good at this :slight_smile:

Hi @idioffo89
I realise this is a bit of an annoyance, but it was the only way I could work around the problem that Smartthings does not support the UDP protocol that the iRULU lamp speaks. Maybe someone else can suggest a better approach than mine!

To get my gateway code working, you need to place the file on a local web server that can run PHP code. (Must be local - the same subnet as your Smartthings hub) It was easiest for me to use my NAS (Synology based) because it is powered on all the time. Some other options (not trialed by me) might be…

Good luck! Let me know how you get on if you try it.


This is $15 on ebay…

Does this work well enough for ST sound notifications (beep when a door opens, low key alarm sound, etc)?

Yes, mine works as a DLNA speaker.
I still use the code I published above to control the LED lamp too, but haven’t done any more development on it.

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Sorry to necrobump but I just came across this post and its probably one of the best on the internet on how to play with these speakers. They are now down to $8 on ebay.

Some friends and I have bought a few of these and have one cracked open and got access to the serial console.

In case anyone is interested these are Quad Core Android devices. For some reason we are unable to get our to switch to another network or work as a DLNA speaker so we may be looking into changing the software significantly.

I have a few of these laying around the house. It will be great being able to integrated them with Smartthings, unfortunately I’m no programmer can’t help much with software change

How did you open it up? Sounds interesting.

The plastic opaque top comes off if you twist it clockwise. It takes a bit of force. It is not worth taking off the cloth on the body.

i bought one to connect up and dont have a manual - can anyone share?