Iris Smart Plugs?

Lowes offers a 4 pack of IRIS plugs for only $99, 4-Pack 110-Volt White Smart Plugs, Item #: 773911 Model #: 773911, which is a great price (especially when you add a military discount on to it). Iris is supposed to be ZWave, so it would seem like it should work.

Anyone have any luck getting this paired with ST?

Those are Zigbee SmartPlugs and they use a non-standard profile. Nobody has been successful at getting these to work with SmartThings. That is unfortunate since at one time I had over 30 from the junk Iris system I just dumped.

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Bummer – so the standard is a standard that isn’t standard.

Well ST still seems a better choice than a Betamax

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Just to be clear it’s Lowe’s and AlertMe that broke standards when designing the Iris V1 stuff. It’s one of the big reasons I decided to dump their junk. Even their cameras are locked to the platform. Seriously, why? There’s no need for that other than to lock you in.

The newer Smart Plugs are on sale for about $30 each, if you can find a $20 off $100 coupon, you can get them for $25 each.

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Zigbee allows for many different profiles, including proprietary encoding. Not all can be used together.

Smartthings uses the zigbee home automation profile (ZHA 1.2). Choose zigbee devices certified to that profile and you will likely be able to get them to work with SmartThings, although some custom coding may be required. Devices certified other profiles probably won’t work with smart things.

The zigbee logo is a red circle with a Z in it. You want to also look for the ZHA logo, which is an orange circle with a House icon on it.


Thanks for the insight

The v2 Iris Smart Plug does work with SmartThings:

It uses a standard ZigBee profile and also has a Z-wave repeater within it. You can find pairing instructions here:


Found a easy way to make it work. Just log onto your smart things dash. And change you device type to “smartpower outlet” not V1.
A few seconds later. Working

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I was just about to purchase a pack of these from Lowe’s (89.99 for four).
To clarify, you’re saying that this item works with the SmartThings hub out of the box just by changing the device type to the “SmartPower Outlet”?

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that is all I did. I make no promise that it still works as an extender but then again I don’t need it to work like an extender as I have light switches in those room. I am just using them to control Christmas lights. I have 2 of them and they work great

Those do not work with SmartThings. Only the new ones in the purple box that look like the Smart Power Outlet will work. (

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How do you get SmartThings to detect these SmartPlugs? I can’t even get mine added to change the device type.



Check out this thread…the setup RLDREAMS used worked for me, and I also did three. I did have to go to the IDE to change it from a “thing”…that info is in the thread as well.

I have one of these Iris plugs and was able to pair it fairly easily.
However my Presence sensor has been behaving strangely recently: in and out every 5 minutes. This happens about once a week, and the only way to stop this is by rebooting the hub.
One of the SmartThings technicians explained this may be because of a repeater on my Home Automation network.
I removed the Iris plug last week and have not had any issues since. I will replace it with a SmartThings plug to see if this is due to the machine, or the location of the plug.

After pairing the plug? Did you unplug the hub for at least 15 minutes to let your zigbee devices go into panic mode? Then plugged the hub in to rebuild the Zigbee mesh.

I could not say for sure, but looks like this is about when the problems with the arrival sensor started.
However, the problem did not come back since I un-pluged the Iris device last week.

I have not tried unplugging the hub, only reboot it (which always fixes the problem… until the next time it happens about a week later).
I’ll give it a try, but not sure if this would fix the problem once and for all.

In a sea of responses, this worked. Thank you!

Same here.

I bought 3 of the iris smart plugs, version 1 from Lowes for $5 each. It sounds like you were able to get them to work…but most people say they won’t work with Smartthings. Can you clarify, and if it did work can you explain how to get them to pair? I plug it in and Smartthings just searches endlessly.

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These now work! I’m on a v3 hub with the latest zigbee patch. This shows up as an iris light. V1 socket!