Iris Smart Button

Fast reply @mitchp, thanks! I don’t have the button really being used yet, so I can wait and experiment.

@compliance, I think you’re right. It’s just sitting around right now, so I’ll poke it later tonight. I bet I see the green light. I haven’t played with it much either.

Before trying the button hold the sides and press on the back. I bet you will see the green light.

So after 3 weeks of thinking this button was a dud I took a knife to it and bent the battery contact all the way in the back in towards the battery a bit more. The button now works! Thanks for the tip.

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I’m getting anxious for the delivery of my SmartThings kit. I am going to want to dive right into using it.

I can see myself buying a SmartButton – or three.

I see the above code contributed by Mitch Pond and I’ve seen similar code contributed by others on this forum.

I’m going to go ahead and expose my newbie-ness. It might be obvious, but how does one go about using code such as the above? Can someone give a real quick tutorial or pointer?

Would code, such as above, be a called a “custom device description” or something like that?

I see the button mentioned seems more like an indoor button. It would be great to have an outdoor version of this button that could be used as a doorbell. I currently have a cheap wireless doorbell with two buttons that generate different flash patterns and five receivers/flashers plugged into outlets all over the house. I would love to have something equivalent that could be used with ST.


I’m also a noob and just did it without any hassle.

You’ll want to go into

Add new Device Type. Then click from code tab. Paste the code above. Then publish it to yourself.

Once you start syncing the smart button, it’ll be recognized as an Iris Smart Button. From there, you can configure a smart app. For example, my button turns on my bedroom lamp. If I hold it, it runs the good night routine.

BTW: Thanks so much for the custom device type to make this work! It’s one less thing to hear complaining about in my house. :smiley:

This should help:

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Thanks for the reply.

I recognize your username from my “Deaf Products” question.

I’ve signed up for a Developer account and I’m working my way through the documentation. I can tell SmartThings is going to be a lot of fun – I’m hooked already.

I’ve been a software engineer for 30 years – I guess I’m not a total Noob.

I plan to work through one of the examples, also work through the info given by@fquick.

I can already imagine my first project – get an Iris pushbutton to turn an LED bulb on and off.


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So the button works.

How about the Key fob?

Yup key fob works also

Same custom device? Recognizes all 4 buttons?

It’s the FOB device type.Here you go

I’m worse than a five-year-old kid waiting for Santa to show up.

I’m eagerly waiting for my SmartThings Home Kit to arrive in the next week or so.

I plan to integrate a button to use as a doorbell

with light bulbs around the house plugged into light socket adapters

I hope to interface a bed shaker to a 12 volt adapter and smart switch

I plan to get one of the Smart Smoke Detectors.

Hopefully I will be able to have the button work as a doorbell. I hope to be able to flash the lights for a minute or so in response to a doorbell press.

If the smoke alarm goes off, I would like to also flash the lights and shake the bed.

It would be nice to have and arrival sensor turn on the lights for a couple minutes. Maybe it’s possible to replace my alarm clock with an alarm that flashes the lights and shakes the bed.

I imagine this plan will require some work to achieve. Does it sound feasible? Can anyone offer some suggestions?


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Has anyone been able to buy these individually yet or just in the kit?

I have so many uses for these but none of my Lowes has ever had them.

I just saw yesterday that two stores by me finally show they have them in stock.

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Sweet…there is one a little away from me that shows 1. I think I am going to order in online and let them see if they can find it.


These things must be like Mexican jumping beans.

I managed to order one online yesterday – paid for shipping to my house.

The current online status for my order says “Ready For Pickup” at the store near me.

If I look at the product listing it says it’s unavailable at the store.

Lowes customer phone support is currently closed.

Who knows what’s going on :confounded:. Good luck.


If you bought the last one that would make none left in inventory after they got your order.

My wife for me 2 for Christmas that she ordered online. They work great!

Is there any way to adjust Temp. offset on this device type?

Thank you.

I got my SmartThings Home Kit today. I’m up and running with an outlet, multisensor, and two WeMo LED bulbs.

I’m getting some hands-on. I can tell when the garage door is open and I have my dehumidifier scheduled to turn on at 1 AM in turn off at 8 AM – so far so good.

Tomorrow I should be getting an Iris Button. I will be using the custom button code from earlier in this thread. Your FAQ described the procedure perfectly.

Thanks, and Happy New Year.