Iris Smart Button

I am still using @mitchp’s device type, and I was, at first using the button controller smart app… janky as all get-out in getting it to wake up and recognize a press or hold. I ditched the button controller app, and set it up in Rule Machine. It is MUCH more reliable in Rule Machine, and I have both press and hold set up.

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How were you able to do it in rule machine? Are you using a virtual switch or IFTTT? I dont see a device type in rule machine for button.

Nope, no virtual devices or IFTTT.

I use the Iris Smart Button (original or II) device type

In Rule Machine I create a new rule with the trigger:

Capability: Button
Button Device: Iris Smart Button 1 (my only button)
Button number: one
Button pushed or held: pushed (this is defined but not used in device type II)

No conditions

Select Actions:
No Delay These Actions
Turn on these switches: I have three bulbs that turn on

Everything else is left blank


Under Trigger. It’s not under condition. Action is toggle this switch. (or dimmer, i suppose)

What is rule machine?

Wow. Looks very cool. I have some stuff to figure out! Can I use this to have a button trigger multiple events?

How do you open the battery compartment on these without prying it open with a steak knife?

Go up and read post 55.

So… No?

There has to be a better way than using a knife

@Todd_Whitehead, I just give a corner a little tap on the countertop and it slides out enough to get a hold of it. It could be better designed in terms of battery type and compartment in my opinion.


I forgot to mention that the battery also disconnects A LOT from a small metal tab on the inside of the button. I’ve had to press the battery tray in a little harder than normal to get a connection. Eventually I was able to use small needle nose pliers to bend that tab a little more to ensure it contacts the battery.

There is a little hole near the corner of the battery unit and slide switch. I slide the switch toward the middle and insert an un-bent paperclip into this hole from the bottom, pull outwards. I can usually slide it out enough to grab a hold with my fingers.

Umm? Here is the post I was referencing.

“It’s a pain in the butt. On one of the sides, you will see a little tab sticking up. Holding the button so that the little tab is on the left, slide it to the right. After this, the best think I found was to grip the sides and make the motion like you were packing new cigarettes but don’t hit the device on your palm.”

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I had this issue also. I found the tray that holds the battery is a sloppy/loose fit. I took small pieces of card stock to shim the battery so it makes better contact.

I’m on my fourth week of Iris Smart Button ownership and my second battery seems like it just died. Does anybody else see terrible battery life?

Maybe it’s a bad contact, but the button is just sitting there. I don’t know why it would suddenly not make contact.


Not sure if I’m missing something but is there a Temperature Offset in this device type like there is in the Iris Motion Sensor and in the Iris Open Close sensor. I feel the temperature is way off on mine.

Also @canalrun i have had mine working for about 5 weeks now and battery still reads 100%. I haven’t used it much either.

I am having the same problem with one of mine, i have two the first one i have had for a month now it still works great the second one i got two weeks ago and its dead already.

i wonder if its just a quality control thing.

I think it is. The battery contacts do not seem to make a very solid connection. The upper one on mine (which just looks like a drop of solder on a pad) looks visibly worn down. I would go exchange it at my Lowe’s, but they still don’t have the button in stock :disappointed:

Hey guys, for those who still have issues opening the battery tray, here is a picture of the small hole where you can put the tip of a precision screwdriver or an awl to pull it up:

I hope that helps.


I have a bunch of these things. What is everybody using them for?