Iris pocket socket won't turn off; new Fibaro pocket socket won't work at all

Been awhile since I was here. I had run out of ideas and was happy with how things were working. Suddenly the last few weeks I am having two issues. One, a Lowes Iris power block. Using the Smart lighting app, I want it to turn off at 2am and back on at 8am… well. Just it WON’T turn off. First I had the app setup to do both, that did not work, so I deleted the setting and made 2 new ones in the Smart Lighting… one to turn on and one to turn off. Same thing… turns on just fine, or at least sends the command at 8am to turn on, but since it never turned off at 2am does not matter. Second, very similar issue, this time using a new Fibro wall plug, the new little z wave plus one. It just flat won’t respond to any commands from the Smart Lighting app. Any ideas? Thanks

No ideas on those particular devices, but assume you tried to unplug and re-plug? You could also try resetting them but for the z-wave you might end up having to rebuild your automation around them. I find the swap in a new device function doesn’t seem to always work. Do the apps respond to the correct instructions if you manually send them from the App and its only Smart Lighting that doesn’t work?

Dump SmartLighting and use webCoRE.

I understand that SmartLighting runs locally but I promise that since I’ve dumped SL, most of my, “WTF isn’t it working” problems vanished.

The con is if the internet goes down, you are screwed but…

Because of this, I have moved all of my “must have” Automations over to Hubitat which runs local as well.

First things first: does the Iris pocket socket turn off just from the mobile app? Make sure you have something plugged into it so you can actually see it turning on and off.

The reason that I mention it is that this particular device will show up as two “things” in your things list. The first one is the zigbee pocket socket. That’s the one that controls the power, so turning it off will in fact turn off the device plugged into it.

The second is a Z wave repeater. It doesn’t actually do anything except repeat zwave messages – – it does not control the power for something plugged into the pocket socket. So turning it off will not appear to do anything.

So you just need to be sure that the device you’re putting into your SmartLights automation is in fact the one that controls the power.

Can you show us the screenshots for the automation? That would help a lot.

Next, as far as the Fibaro, what device type handler are you using for it? And what’s the model number?

Well, I unplugged both… I can control both via Action Tiles. Will dump Smart Lighting and try webcore today

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