IR fireplace how to integrate?

Noob here, how do I integrate an IR remote from my fireplace to be able to control it with voice (Alexa or Google Home) or in Smartthings?

There are many, MANY posts on here about integrating fireplaces but nobody says it better than @JDRoberts:

And I will add my stock response…IT’S FIRE!!! WTF ARE YOU THINKING??? :fire::fire_engine: :fire:

In short, don’t do it…you’ll most likely void your home owner’s insurance and could be held responsible if it causes damage to anyone else’s home. Take a quick read through the forum about lights turning on unexpectedly. Would you want that to happen with your fireplace? I think not. The only thing worse is the idea of automating a garbage disposal. That still wins the cake.


Thanks for the response, is just a light show, nothing more. The only thing that kills is my electric bill.

Good thing you don’t have a gas furnace and a programmable thermostat, lol!!! :thinking:

If it already has an IR remote and, as @Ryan780 Said, it’s not a gas fire, it’s just a light show, usually the easiest way is to integrate it with a Harmony home hub. That in itself will give you Google home or Amazon echo integration. Then there’s an official SmartThings/harmony integration which works well and give you all the other automation options. :sunglasses:

I use this at my house for electric candles, for example.

You can check the Harmony database to see if your device is already listed there, but if it has an IR remote you could probably use it even if it isn’t in the database, it’s just more work to set it up.

There are some other methods as well, see the FAQ (this is a clickable link)


Thanks @JDRoberts , SmartThings community beats Logitech community. Before I asked here, I tried to teach the Harmony remote but didn’t work. Then I looked in the Logitech community and various people said it cannot be done. The posts here motivated me to try again and it worked. Now I can turn my fireplace with voice and SmartThings. Big WAF gain for such a simple task. Thanks everyone.

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