IR Air Conditioning Device?


I am looking to find a IR device that either works natively with SmartThings or has a device handler available. Ideally a Zigbee based device. This will control a split system air conditioner.

Have looked at the Xiaomi air conditioning gateway but have not found any device handlers for it for SmartThings. Only works with Mi Home.

Any suggestions ?

Smartthings doesn’t have an IR blaster, so you won’t find anything that works natively in that sense.

There may be a brand with official cloud to cloud integration in the new app.

Meanwhile, the following FAQ is from 2017 but still applies. There are several different options there. One is a Z wave/IR device that some community members are using: that should be the simplest, most complete integration. But there are other options as well. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

I had one of these working before installing Ecobee4s. Did the job and the support to get a non-standard AC unit was really good. It is IP based.