IoT Survey for Smart Home Owners

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Hi, I am a Final Year student at Uni, I am Doing my Dissertation on how to secure IoT devices in Smart Homes, the two objectives are:
• Propose a framework for IoT companies to develop more secured devices than current implementations.
• Propose a framework for securing connected IoT devices for Smart Home owners.

The Internet of Things is a great concept, everyday household objects using the internet to provide great capabilities and communicating with each other. It is clear that Internet of Things will be the future of our lives, within the next decade, a common household will possess several IoT systems in their Smart Homes. However, as this concept is fairly new and only now consumers are buying these products at higher rates, and only now security of these devices in smart homes are starting to develop existing security measures, there are several security threats that arise from this concept. The research shows that many smart homes have been breached, as well as popular websites being DDOS attacked through IoT devices, this attack has awakened the web as it was the world’s largest 1 Tbps DDOS which was launched from weak 150,000 devices.

I would very much appreciate it, if smart home owners could complete the following survey for my research:

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I completed the survey, but one observation:

I believe that for your research to be more valuable and more valid, you should not include “examples” in your answers. These will biases the responses in unpredictable ways.

  • (a) the respondent may prefer the example answers and use it (subconsciously lazy).
  • (b) the respondent may strongly believe in the example answers and yet feel it is inappropriate to use that as their answer, thus biasing them towards providing sub-optimal alternatives they don’t believe in.
  1. What do you think IoT companies can do to develop more secured IoT devices than current implementations?
    e.g. not shipping Units with default usernames and passwords or Developing better security protocols
  1. What do you think Smart Home owners can do to secure their connected IoT devices and Smart Homes?
    e.g Regular change of Passwords or Implement Firewalls
    Your answer


Good luck with your project!

I would be careful about your own bias, however…

Some companies, such as Apple, have perceived a security issue from the beginning and designed their protocols with much stronger security than some other companies. It’s not true that security is “just now being developed,” for example, for a HomeKit system.

When HomeKit was first introduced in 2014, many manufacturers and some analysts considered that Apple’s insistence on a high level of security for a home automation system was excessive, and that was blamed for slowing the release to market of many third-party HomeKit – compatible devices.

Now in 2017, the Apple approach is much less of an outlier than it was initially. :wink: