Internet Outage

I have been using ST for a little over a month now, been pretty happy with it. Load time could be faster on the app. In any case, I experience my first internet outage yesterday where I lost control of all my devices. Given it is a cloud service, any thought on this?

there’s MANY, MANY MANY thoughts on this…

Let me e’splain - no, there is too much, let me sum up.

SmartThings is a cloud platform. Most functionality only exists in the cloud. Local control of certain devices can be obtained by using devices that support certain device handlers provided by SmartThings and using SmartLighting to automate those things. More local control is coming as the new infrastructure rolls out but it’s not happening overnight. Plan for/around the limitations. There are many threads here specifically to do just that.


See the community FAQ:

How to: Planning for Outages

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