Integrating WiFi Switches/Plugs that use the Tuya SmartLife App or eWeLink app

sigh…obviously I just glanced through that announcement…that sucks! WIsh they did the integration directly in their smartLife app instead…Tasmota it is…

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I am looking for some support, I have been trying to set this up successfully but failing badly.

I hace created 4 IFTTT applets in my IFFT as per the original post.

2a) “if smartthings proxy switch turns on, then turn on Wi-Fi device.“
2b) “ if smartthings proxy switch turns off, then turn off the Wi-Fi device.”
2c) “ if Wi-Fi device turns on, then turn on the SmartThings proxy switch.“
2d) “If Wi-Fi device turns off, then turn off the smartthings proxy switch.”

I have a Tuya smart switch which is installed in my kitchen, I can use the swtich to power the light on and off fine but want to integrate it to smart things, I have set it up like above

Kitchen Light = Smartthings Virtual switch
Kitchen Light Switch = Tuya Smart Switch

I created 4 applets as above

If Kitchen Light switched on, then turn on Kitchen Light Switch

If Kitchen Light switched off, then turn off Kitchen Light Switch

If Kitchen Light Switch is turned on, then Switch on Kitchen Light

If Kitchen Light Switch is turned off, then turn off Kitchen Light Switch

Now when it is set up like this I seem to get stuck in a loop of the light powering on and off by itself, so for instance if I switch it on via the switch it will constantly turn off and on, same via using the smart switch. when I check the live logging I never see any anything happen in there for Kitchen light swtich but I do get these errors under IFTTT

f907e997-b7bc-41cc-b58c-65a36a83b650 17:31:32: error Error parsing ifttt payload OK

To stop the light powering on and off in an infinate loop I need to disable 2 of the applets for the WiFi switch

That’s the same device on both sides of the IF/then, is that what you have?

Also, what Ifttt channel are you using for the tuya devices?


I am using the Brilliant smart IFTTT channel, it is not the same device on both sides.

As above I have 1 Tuya Hardware Wifi Switch named “Kitchen Light switch” and 1 Virtual switch named
“Kitchen Light” within smart things.

so my first applet I logged into IFTTT and set up
"If Smartthings ‘Kitchen Light’ Switched on, Then with Brilliant Smart ‘Kitchen Light Switch’ switch on
Then made a second applet in the same way to switch off in the same format as above.

I then went onto create my 3rd applet in IFTTT
If BrilliantSmart ‘Kitchen Light switch’ switched on, then turn on smartthings ‘Kitchen Light’
And again done the same for the power off part which means I have 4 applets in total.

Sorry, I rely on voice reader software And I’m just having a really hard time following your post. Hopefully somebody else will be able to help.

No problem, thanks.

Brilliant not working in IFTTT - when creating the ‘Then’ part off an applet and selecting Brilliant Service, it just shows ‘Options Unavailable’ and not a list of switches configured in the Brilliant App.

You would need to get in touch with brilliant about that, but I’m not surprised if they got flooded with way more users than they can handle.

Apilio may be another alternative, they have some staff members who post in this forum. But they have a different business model: instead of using Ifttt to make physical devices more salable, they charge a subscription for using their service. There is a free tier, but I don’t know how much you can do with it.



@DeekB This random on/off behavior seems to have started a few months ago. I had 6 Tuya type switches running with Smart Life App and Global Suite. I had IFTTT set up same way you do and two way comms worked fine at first then started the random on/off behavior so I disconnected all Global to ST applets so that I was just running one way ST to Global… Soon thereafter, Global became disabled and now doesn’t support Tuya devices. I set up Brilliant Smart exactly like I had Global set up and same results - random on/off so I have also now disconnected all Brilliant to ST applets and just use ST to Brilliant. At first when I set up Brilliant yesterday, IFTTT was not picking up the devices but they were there this morning so I was able to create all of my applets. I use IFTTT so that when I get a Security alarm in ST it turns on all of the lights that are run off of these Tuya switches, so not bothered that I can’t update switch status in ST if I manually turn a switch on/off or use the Brilliant app to do so. Just glad there is a solution to still be able to control these switches from ST. Thanks Brilliant Smart!

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Thanks, I still have them set up so that I can use them from smart things but the problem I have is if someone powers the swtich on manually it is not in sync in smart things.

Just one example is if the kitchen light is on and I run my bed time routine it performs multipel actions, one of them is checking if the kitchen light is on, if it is then it should be powered off but as the virtual swtich in smartthings was not the method of turning it on then it does not get turned off which is a little annoying, I have other scenarios too, really need a way to keep the switch in sync or need to purchase a swtich that integrated direct into smartthings, I am having issues finding suck swtich have ordered an Aqara QBKG04LM switch in the hope it solves my problem!

That was my problem when I first started down the home automation path. I was using virtual switches and relying on several systems to correctly communicate with each other in order to get my tasks completed and keep things tidy. The number of virtual switches and their management started getting out of hand. And my interconnected systems did not always play well together. I have been slowly replacing my Tuya devices with devices that are integrated directly with ST. Nothing against the Tuya devices and the Smart Life app. They work well. But as you have noted, keeping things in sync is much easier with ST integrated devices (at least for me and my system).

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Thanks Pantheon, I am based in the UK so can only use swtiches with no neutral wire, its been a nightmare trying to track these down, I dont even know if the one I have ordered will work or integrate well, it seems I cannot find what I am after no matter where I search or look. bit of a pain really.

Would be good if samsung released some of these swtiches with no neutral wire so we knew it could integrate seamlessly!

For anyone having the same dilema as I have been having, I found Aqara QBKG04LM switch integrated well with smart things using a customer device handler!

Does your tuya device support tasmota firmware? I flashed all my tuya switches this week with tasmota and been working great. Now they’re all working natively with smartthings.
Check here

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“Brilliant not working in IFTTT - when creating the ‘Then’ part off an applet and selecting Brilliant Service, it just shows ‘Options Unavailable’ and not a list of switches configured in the Brilliant App.”

Same thing is happening to me with a Tuya MiBoxer WL5 Led Controller when I try to use it via Brilliant & IFTTT integration. Could you resolve it?

I don’t want to use Apilio because it still doesn’t support color and brightness change.

Thanks, I had a look but dont see the model listed, I am quite new to the smarthinghub so only had to replace that one Tuya switch so far, it is a Tuya WiFi switch, it was not zigbee and searching for anything Tuya returned no results, I could not find anything the model number of the switch anywhere!

Can’t you add the neutral wire from the light bulb to switch?

I just did that after getting this light switches from Zemismart and they do have the no neutral wire switches too. I’m in South Africa by the way.

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Hi, somebody knows if Sonoff Zigbee devices can interact without Wi-fi/ Cloud Scenes?

I need to control my Heating Station by a Zigbee switch from temperature events of a Zigbee Temperature sensor.

Zigbee does not use wifi, so yes.

Sorry. I mean from Ewelink but it looks like is not working since whole logic is in cloud. Zigbee binding is not a Sonoff feature (yet).

Do you know which app other than Ewelink can integrate Sonoff devices? I tried Tuya and SmartLife without succesfull pairing.