INSTEON support - trying to start a central thread for request

I have not been able to find the answer to the one question I have. What happens if I put a micro switch behind an insteon wall switch?
I have two Insteon switches in a box that control my outside porch and garage carriage lights. I like the look and feel of the Insteon switches. But I want the ST control. Is it possible to put a dual micro switch like an Aeon Labs in my box? Yes I could just replace the switches with Leviton Zwave and I probably will. But I have other places in the house where this could be useful too.
Like figuring out what to do about this.
This controls one light locally and the rest are remote buttons. I want the local to be ST. I want to keep the other 7 buttons the way they are. So could I put a micro switch behind this? My thought is, it should work. But if anyone has tried it, I would love to know before I go through the trouble. Also, is the wiring any different?

Count me in as another person with 40+ Insteon devices, most of which are installed in walls in small (old house) boxes that require small switches. Have both an Insteon hub pro and a PLM. (Using Indigo for controller.) Would love to have all these devices in SmartThings!

Putting a micro switch behind an Insteon wall switch won’t do what you want, which is, I assume, to be able to use either system to control the lamp or device. Your choices would be to either wire them in parallel, in which case you have to turn off both to turn the device off, or you’d wire them serially in which case they’d both have to be on to turn the device on (plus, connected like that, one of the switches would depend on the other for power and wouldn’t even respond unless that switch was on). There’s no way for them to work independently.


I know this is an old topic, but some of you Insteon guys should check out this device type I created

I was in the same boat as you all, many Insteon devices with no ST connectivity. This works with the Insteon Hub 2224 and 2245

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If only we could get FanLinc support using the PLM…I’d be one happy guy!

I also have way to many Insteon devices to replace and use the ST Hub…

I wish that somebody made a device that would be a bridge between Insteon and Smartthings. Smartthings is definitely a better product with a better future. But for those of us who have a lot invested in Insteon it would be nice if there was some way to use the smartthings controller to control Insteon. I imagine a device which to the smartthings controller would present virtual devices (the smart things controller would think it’s speaking to a Z wave/zigbee device) and the bridge would translate the Z wave/zigbee information and vice versa so that the bridge would be what actually communicates the Insteon devices. The smart things hub would be the Z wave/zigbee controller and it would not be aware that multiple devices it communicates with are actually the bridge which is in turn communicating with the Insteon devices.

I would like to find a small, preferably battery operated zigbee/Z wave i/o device with contact closure outputs that I could wire to an Insteon remote. That way I could use the smart things hub to control my Insteon lighting which is all one large scene. That way I could use the smart things hub now, and as I add or replace items I would use Zigbee/Z wave devices so that way eventually my entire home automation would be Zigbee/Z wave, but I wouldn’t have to change out and trash all my Insteon stuff.