Installation of z-wave switches issues: wall box too small! :-(

I was wondering if anyone is facing the same installation issue I am having:

I am installing 3 z-wave switches in a 3-gang box. This box has a lot of wires in it and as a result my 3 z-wave switches won’t fit inside. I tired to replace 2 of the z-wave switches with one Enerwave ZWN-RSM2 Device connected to two regular switches but it is still too big to fit in the wall box. I guess all I would need would be a box extender but so far I have found only one partial solution (the Leviton 6197-W Shallow Wallbox Extender) but it is one for a 1-gang box. I thought about using small z-wave relays like the Enerwave mentioned above straight at the light enclosures on the ceiling but this would be complicated since each switch control 2 light enclosures on the ceiling. Oh, and to make things more complicated, I don’t have access to an attic or anything similar that would make it easy to access the main power line to the lights…

So my questions to the community are:

  1. Do you know of any box extender for a 3-gang box (my backup plan would be to create a custom one in plastic to wood)?
  2. Do you know of any other solution that might work?

Thanks a lot,


The AEON micros are as small as they get…

Haven’t tried it but maybe this will work:

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Ah Thanks! I so these a few days ago when I googled for box extenders but then couldn’t find them again! I just placed an order. Hopefully that would do the trick!


Let us know if you like them or not.

I would like to see what you ordered and how well they work. Please let us know. @Haim_Tebeka

Definitely will! Here is what I ordered:

1 Box Extender Coupler for Shallow Boxes HW187-53 $1.34 $1.34
1 2-Gang Box Extender for Shallow Boxes HW187-52 $3.55 $3.55

Got the extension box yesterday. Very easy to setup. However, even with this, it was hard to push the switches in. I have to repeat the whole pushing twice because some wires got disconnected while pushing and created a short… Still, it did the job and I now have 3 z-wave switches in a 3-gang box. Looks descent! See attached pictures…

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I know this thread is old, but this is the solution I need for my current issue with crowded wall boxes. Thank you so much.

Depending of the looks you try to achieve, another solution would be replacing your boxes with PVC old work type (but it’s more work). They are deeper.
This would be 3-gang

I’m going to give these deep switch plates and extender rings a try.