Indirect Hot Water Tank | Control Heat and Differential

Hello SmartThings Community, yesterday I got an indirect water tank installed that is fired by the burner and controlled by a separate prioritized zone. The thermostat on the tank controls heat and differential but only manually. What I would like to do is to install a smart thermostat on the tank so I can turn down the water temperature when on vacation. One other scenario is the ‘bath mode’. In order to fill a jacuzzi, I would like to increase water temperature and decrease the differential. Does anyone know of a smart thermostat

or anything that would help me accomplish the above? Cheers!!!

Technically it’s called Aquastat and it provides safety features for overheating as well as local control for water temperature. I haven’t heard of any that allows for remote temperature control(due to the safety part).
You might try disabling the zone when on vacation. For jacuzzi mode, a motorized tempering valve will work

Thanks, Daniel. Thought there is something like it is on newer water tanks
that are fired. However, there seems to be nothing available.
Daniel Ionescu schrieb am Mon, Feb 13, 2017
um 12:26 PM: