“Improved Mobile presence” app but for IOS?

Tried doing a search, but I cant find a what I am looking. I have been using the Improved Mobile Presence App for Android for family members phones. It has been working perfectly. However, a few of my family members have iPhones. I would like to setup presence apps for them. The catch is that 1. the Smartthings arrival sensors have been awful. 2. I don’t want to give them access to Smartthings. 3. Life360 seems like too much for what I need. Is there an iOS mobile presence app very similar to the Improved Mobile Presence App for Android.

I don’t know all the features of that app, but one possibility might be the IFTTT presence app combined with A virtual presence sensor that can be turned on and off like a switch.

We used this for a while for the girlfriend of one of my housemates because it doesn’t have any of the tracking features like life360 which would’ve been too intrusive. It just turns on when you enter a specific area and turns off when you leave it again. And doesn’t give any access to SmartThings itself.

The person does have to put the IFTTT app on their phone, but that’s it.

This looks like it would work perfectly. Im trying to figure out. If I installed IFTTT on said family member’s device, how would I link IFTTT/Smartthings on that device

You just set up an IFTTT applet so that when presence goes on, you turn on the virtual switch aspect Of the virtual presence sensor that I also linked to. And then a similar applet to turn it off again.

The whole point of that virtual presence sensor is that smartthings will see it as both a presence sensor and a switch, which allows you to turn it on and off just like any other switch. :sunglasses:

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ok. I follow you know