Impossible to set geolocation

Hi All.

Hope you can help me with this.
I have a samsung Galaxy S8 and just bought af Smartthings Hub. I want to set some outdoor lamps to turn on at sunset but it is impossible for me to get the app to accept my geolocation. The app finds my physical location and after pressing next the App restarts.
What to do?
Have tried to reinstall the app. Clear cache and data. Set up new location. Nothing works.
Smartthings seems like a semi-finished product to me. Hope someone can turn this around.


I have the exact same thing here on my Note10. Is this already fixed or is there some workaround?

I have the exact same problem on my Huawei P30 Pro. Latest Android version. It shows my location on the map, but I am unable to save it. It just resets whatever step you are on…

Install the Classic app, set your geolocation in it, save. Check it in the new app, if successful, remove the Classic app :slight_smile:

Note: this option is only possible for the next 6 days at which time the Classic app will be retired.

I used an Ipad to set it up.

I used the classic app way, but I still cant make linked places…

You should this issue to ST support.

Just fyi if anyone else runs into the same problem, changed phones language to English and location to US fixed the issue. No help from St.

For me it was enough to change phones language to English (United States). Then I could update geolocation.