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Good day.
I have now bought some IKEA Zigbee items - E27 bulb, GU10 bulb, and floating panels. I have also read that the Zigbee protocol is the best for making a mesh network. Now that they are all installed i struggle with the GU10 that is furthered from the central, i moved to the central to get it connected and then moved it back to the light that is mounted about 18 meters away. it connected again and i could turn it ON/OFF and then i lost it !!
There are 3 other GU10 within 2meter range that are working perfectly and i assumed that they would relay to this “stubborn bulb” but apparently not. Can anyone enlighten me on the Zigbee network, is it anyway of testing the network ? There is also a floating panel 4m away from this bulb!

have you tried disconnecting your hub from power for about 30 minutes to force a zigbee mesh rebuild?

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Nope - force mesh ? - where is this in the smartthings app ?

it isn’t in the app anywhere. just a common troubleshooting step.

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oh i understand now what you mean - sorry - i will do it now

nope - still offline. This is what i do NOT like with the hub and why i have asked when the mesh hub’s will be available her in Europe (skandinavia) - answer in another link from Samsung.
For me to move a hub that needs cat5 network, is just a pain (or not very nice with cords on the wall!

The ikea bulbs should form their own mesh. To confirm, you are leaving all of the bulbs powered on 24/7 and only turning off with the app or a connected remote right? You can also view the mesh for the device in the IDE https://account.smartthings.com

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You are correct that most mains powered zigbee devices can pass on messages for others.

The radio for these bulbs is in the base, and when you get a situation like yours normally one of two things is going on.

  1. it’s a defective device. It does happen, in which case you would just need to exchange it like anything else you bought that didn’t work.


  1. The fitting that you are putting it into is in someway blocking the signal from the radio in the bulb.

The quickest way to test for both of these is simply to put one of the other, working bulbs in that location and put the bulb that isn’t working into the other location. Now see what happens.

If the other bulb works in either location but the GU 10 fails to work in either location, it’s probably a defective device. You will need to replace it.

But if it’s the location that makes the difference, so that the other bulb Fails in that fitting but the GU 10 works in the other location, then you have a different problem. Either there is some thing very close by blocking signal, which can happen. Or it is the fitting itself, which can also happen.

So first try this test. Swap two bulbs. Take the hub off power (including taking out any batteries if it has them) for 20 minutes. Leave all the other zigbee Devices on Power. Then restore power to the hub.

This is called a “ Zigbee heal.“ The network will automatically rebuild itself. With each device choosing the best pathway back to the hub. But this can take a few hours to complete.

So leave your test in place for a few days and just see what happens. Then you should know a lot more. :sunglasses:

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This is a up and down light, so the GU10 “up” (just cm away) is working fine, i just haven’t thought it could be something wrong with the bulb, since it connected and since it is always online when i log into my smart hings account (it shows online there, but offline in my phone app) _ but ok, i will go and get another bulb and connect it - i have many since these are for my out side lights.

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Jepp you where right - the new bulb work perfect, so will ask IKEA if they will take it back - thank you so much for telling me the first thing i should have been thinking about -

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Sorry for bothering you guys with something i should have done/tested first myself - but thank you all !!