IKEA Trådfri

Sorry I wasn’t clear in my description.

I have the lights paired with smarthings but I am using smarthings motion sensors to control the lights.

Sorry can’t help you just letting you know it may be a problem on your side as I’ve also got the IKEA lights and SmartThings motion sensors and everything’s working as it should be.

Hi There,

I have taken the code by Edvald and adapted it for the white only GU10 bulbs…all is working correctly. However, being new to groovy I have the below error in the live log when dimming the bulb and the bulb level is not reflected in the app, if i exit and go back it is at 100% even though the light may not be. Any help appreciated.

9b10fd13-f483-47be-ab52-2b0ad1575da6 9:02:43 PM: debug SmartShield(clusterId: 0x0008, command: 0x0b, data: [0x04, 0x00], destinationEndpoint: 0x01, direction: 0x01, isClusterSpecific: false, isManufacturerSpecific: false, manufacturerId: 0x0000, messageType: 0x00, number: null, options: 0x0140, profileId: 0x0104, senderShortId: 0x9dfa, sourceEndpoint: 0x01, text: null)
9b10fd13-f483-47be-ab52-2b0ad1575da6 9:02:43 PM: warn DID NOT PARSE MESSAGE for description : catchall: 0104 0008 01 01 0140 00 9DFA 00 00 0000 0B 01 0400
9b10fd13-f483-47be-ab52-2b0ad1575da6 9:02:43 PM: debug level updated successfully


Hello, i read somewhere on this thread a while back that the ikea lights ONLY restore the previously set (dim level) and not (colour Temperature) before power off from the lightswitch, when connected to the ST Hub.

Connecting to the ikea remote would restore the (Dim & Temperature) level.

Are others finding this to be the case?

I want to buy the GU10 lights and want them to always start with a cool white colour temperature, something that my Hues fail to do!

What is the best way to set up automation with respect to the color temp of Tradfri bulbs? Core? WebCore? New to the automation aspects of ST. I just started last week to get integration with ActionTiles.

I can’t answer specifically with regard to these Devices, but Core was the original project which was then replaced by WebCore. So at this point, anything that you could do with Core, you can do with Webcore, and all new features are only being added to Webcore. So there’s no reason to install Core now if you are just starting, you can go straight to webcore . They have their own forum if you have any further questions about either core or webcore:

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Hi there
Since a few days I have been experiencing problems with one of my bulb and my FLOAT panel too.
When I dim the light over 60% it starts blinking very fast … and I can’t understand why.
I was wondering if someone has the same issue… and a way to fix it
Thanks a lot

I had this on one 60x60 panel and even after reset it was broken. I
returned it to IKEA for a replacement.


Peter Galbavy

Hello guys, I’m just wondering, if it’s possible to add the IKEA Gateway with its smart devices already paired and integrate to SmartThings like Phillips Hue Bridge where its paired lights all are detected all together?

The reason why is that I like the option of using Apple Homekit from time to time because I also use Siri, but I love SmartThings because of all the integrations and devices I was able to connect. Please let me know, and thanks in advance?

So I went back to Ikea with my broken FLOAT panel.
I was told the panel is not meant for temperature adjustment and dimming… Hopefully they took it back.
But I was wondering if this is BS or not before buying a new one ?
Thanks for your feedbacks

It’s BS. Literally the main descriptions says “With a smart LED light panel
you can adapt your lighting to different activities, for example a warmer
light for dinner and a brighter, colder light for working.” and then in the
"good to know" part is says "

  • This product allows wireless dimming. With IKEA Smart lighting, you
    can dim your lights without a wired-in installation."


Not possible until IKEA offers cloud support. Then you’ll be able to use cloud to cloud control via third-party apps like Stringify, IFTTT, Yonomi, etc, once support is added to those as well. Samsung could add support at that point too, but don’t hold your breath for that.

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I just bought 2 E26 950 lm Tradfri bulbs and for the life of my can not get them to pair. I have tried the reset by power cycling 6 times trick multiple times with the bulbs varying distances from the hub and have yet to have any “Thing” show up when searching in the app.

I am still running a v1 hub (fw 000.013.00013) and wonder if anyone here has successfully paired to a v1 hub or if you are all running a v2 hub?

V2 Hub here.

Is the bulb flashing or dimming slightly after your final power cycle? If not, it is not resetting. Maybe add an on/off/on cycle.

I will add that it took so long for the bulbs to show up that I was canceling the search for new devices before they showed up.

The bulb is flashing, but not dimming. How long was so long? I’ve waited several minutes on every attempt, but never longer than ~10-15 minutes.

That is a lot longer than I waited. Are you putting it into pairing mode before you reset? I think I had better luck when I put it into pairing mode, then reset the bulb. Waiting one second between each Off/On switch. On the 6th or 7th on, the bulb would sort of blink. Somewhere around 30 seconds after that, maybe up to two minutes, the device would show up. (Recommend only one device at a time)

Your instructions do vary a bit compared to what I have already tried. I think I was doing the 6 power cycles, watching for the flash then turning the light off. Then I would start ST pairing mode and power the light back on.
I will follow your instructions tonight after work and report back.

If you are turning it off, that was your problem likely. It has to be on to pair. (And should always be left on)

So they paired now. After letting them sit turned on most of the day, they were visible to my hub as soon as I entered pairing mode. Strange, but I’m good to go. Thanks.

I bought yesterday three E14 candle lights (I assume that they have the 1.2.214 firmware as the Smartthings Hub Current Version is: 0x12214572). I use the edvaldeysteinsson/IKEA-Tradfri DH (but I have the same results using the “ZLL Dimmer Bulb” DH). When the lamp is at the off position they are actually blinking. During the day or if there is lighting in the room, you cannot see it, but as I have put the two of them next to my bed, during the night you can see it.

This happens to all 3 lamps. Do you have any idea?
P.S.: I am using a UK hub