IFTT trigger with conditions

So I am playing with IFTT. I would like to use their Honeywell Total comfort to change the stat when my wife arrives, but only during certain times of the day. I have tried to create a recipe that changes the temp, but you can’t add conditions such as time of day. I have created a rule for her presence including time of the day, but can’t get to the part where this triggers an IFTT recipe. What am I missing? Do I need a virtual switch? Sorry for the newb question.

There’s enough latency with this system as it is; adding IFTTT to the mix will only slow things down further. I think Rule Machine is a better choice for what you are trying to accomplish. If you need assistance setting up rule logic, ask here:

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Different people have different amounts of lag with IFTTT. At my house it’s a pretty consistent eight seconds, which works just fine for many use cases. And of course not all devices work with SmartThings, sometimes you need IFTTT to be the bridge, which is what I’m guessing is your reason for using it with the total comfort model.

As far as your question, yes – – you want to end up in SmartThings with an end result of a virtual switch coming on and have that virtual switch be the “if” in your IFTTT recipe.

So On the SmartThings side you set up whatever rules and conditions you want using whichever scheduler you want (routine, smart app, rule machine, etc.) with the end result that if the conditions are met, the virtual switch is turned on. Then you can use that switch coming on in an IFTTT recipe to trigger the Honeywell.

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THAT’s IT! That’s what I thought. I have to figure out virtual switches now. Thanks. This is very helpful.

This might help. :sunglasses: