If you build it, will they download and use it? (Home Depot Hubspace)

I had a laugh on this…


just seems to me they wasted their money on this… just my opinion

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I have an opposite reaction, I think it’s a reasonable approach given that matter has been delayed. Right now it looks like it’s just lights and ceiling fans, initially Ecosmart, Commercial Electric, and Hunter fans.

The goal is an app that will let customers set those specific products up quickly and easily, have them work with either Alexa or Google assistant, and also give them groups and schedules and multiple homes. All for devices that Home Depot sells a lot of.

We’ll see if it’s still around in a year, but I think it makes some sense for right now.


The verge has an interview with Home Depot about it:

And another article which I think makes some good points

It does crack me up that they named it “hubspace“ when it doesn’t have a hub. :laughing:

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All the brands they mention are internal brands. Did those brands have Wi-Fi devices before? Eco smart was only zigbee, and I think commercial electric too. So it seems like they are just adding Wi-Fi models of those brands to their internal brands and they need an app to set them up.

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Good point, I think you nailed it. :sunglasses: Hubspace appears to be the app for the Home Depot-owned brands for the (new) models that don’t require a hub.

The project seems fine, I still think the name is odd. :wink:

They have an outdoor landscape light transformer, I wonder if someone would be able to create a driver?

I would love it if I could integrate my hubspace RGB can lights into smartthings.

Well Hubspace seems to be here to stay it’s been a year now. Their devices seem to be limited to Wi-Fi devices. They have Alexa and Google Assistant integration but no SmartThings integration. Is there any way to get SmartThings integration? The lights and plug sockets are not really that appealing but the ceiling fans and landscaping lights are something that currently we do need access to because our choices are very limited. This would open up a lot of options.

You can use Alexa as a go between.

Create a virtual switch in ST with integral contact sensors in. I use @ygerlovin Edge virtual switch for this purpose.

Then use the ST virtual switches to trigger Alexa routines controlling your hub space devices.

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If Matter does what it’s supposed to, a year from now issues like this will be simple. If a WiFi home automation device has a Matter logo, it will work with Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, Apple Home, IKEA Dirigera, and several more home automation platforms. If it doesn’t, it probably won’t. And there should be a lot more candidates in all the categories Matter covers.

Home Depot has not said one way or the other whether the Hubspace app will work with Matter. My guess is they drop it altogether in favour of adding Matter support to the individual device lines instead, but we’ll see. :thinking: