IDE Simulated Dimmers

Has anyone had any luck with simulating a dimmer switch in the IDE? I’m having problems with mine (but I’m assuming it’s my code at this point ;-).

Events from a simulated switch with the “level” capability don’t seem to work as simulated devices in the IDE.

I can click and turn off the light and the simulated tile changes to “off” but no event appears to be sent to my handler. Also, I can’t turn the switch back on. No tile change, no events.

In addition, when calling setLevel() on a simulated dimmer, I’m getting the following trace statements:

2:47:16 PM: trace No reply configured so ignoring
2:47:16 PM: trace Received command ‘setLevel: $value’ for device ‘Switch Level Capability switch1’

Then, when I try to log the current settings for the dimmer, I always get ‘null’ for the ‘dimmerValue’:

2:47:17 PM: debug SwitchData: [switchName:switch1, switchType:Switch Level Capability, dimmerValue:null]

Just wondering if there are examples of a “level” switch working in the simulator or if this class of devices might be bugged in the simulator.


I don’t have time at this exact moment to replicate your scenario, but I was able to define a new Dimmer device handler, copy in the Z-Wave Dimmer code, and map it to a real Z-Wave device on my hub.

At that point, I could use the setLevel() dialog boxes in the IDE simulator pane … and it worked: it controlled the physical dimmer.

Maybe this is not what you’re trying…