IDE issues?

Having issues with IDE graph-na02-useast1. Unable to update smartapps, having to re-enter login credentials every time I change pages. Anyone else having issues?

Don’t know about your update issue, but if you have an app that requires OAuth open like SmartTiles or CoRE dash, will ask you to log in every time. Close the tab to stop the login.

Whatever it was appears to be resolved now. Maybe I’m dreaming.

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Mine has been doing the same thing since the crash using Chrome. I cleared my cache and it fixed it for a while

@SBDOBRESCU is right. If using the CoRE dashboard or the SmartTiles dashboard, open it in a different browser or in private mode. It keeps logging you out every time it makes a request to the app.

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Ah ok, I did not realize that having the dashboard and IDE open in separate tabs would cause problems. Thanks.