I thought this was supposed to be easy

Hi all, new here
I got my hub and sensors, got them installed and working, but now I’m trying to use the dome siren and chimes. I’m reading I need to program it, is this correct. This doesn’t seem like it’s as easy as they sell it to be.

If you stick strictly to the devices on the official “works with smartthings” list and to the features made available in the official integration, it’s pretty easy. But there may be some advanced features you won’t be able to get to without custom code.

With any other devices, it may get more complicated. So it’s up to you.


By default SmartThings supports the basic features of a wide range of devices. But certain devices, such as the Dome siren, have lots of additional features that require device specifc device handlers to get to all of the additional features. These usually require code to be copy and pasted into the developer site

Thank you for your help
I’ll give it a try.
Actually “do or do not, there is no try”

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I’ve followed these instructions, installed handler
Reinstalled siren. I can’t see anywhere I have access to the features of the siren. Is there any source of information about this stuff, or do I keep bugging people on here
Thanks again

Which mobile app are you using?

Custom device handlers aren’t supported in the new mobile app so you have to use the Classic version to see the extra tiles and the settings.

I found that out today, I’m looking at the classic now.
Why would Samsung not advise people about this
Thanks for your time

I got the siren to show all its features, problem is I’m not sure exactly how

Samsung staff have said multiple times that the majority of their customers have 15 or Fewer devices and never use any custom code of any kind. They publish the list of officially compatible devices and those will generally work.

They have already announced that they will be discontinuing the classic app in the future, but they haven’t said exactly when . They are in the middle of a huge transition: new hub, new app, new cloud platform.


So while it may feel frustrating, they did tell existing customers publicly about the eventual transition about a year ago. And they tell new customers to use devices on the approved list and the new app. I think it’s consistent.

I wish there was a chime on the approved list.
What I’m trying to do is use the st multipurpose sensor to sound an alarm when the door is open. That was easy. What I also want to do is use the vibration sensing feature to ring the chime feature on the dome siren when there’s a knock on the door. The sensor does detect the knock. I’ve found something called door knocker but it won’t do what I need. Can you point me in the right direction
Thanks so much for the info

Do you have any echo devices? You can have the echo play a music file that sounds like a chime when the multi sensor opens. That’s all with official devices.

There’s also a how to article in the community-created wiki i’m playing a chime sound when a door opens. Some of those options would require custom code and the classic app, but some of them don’t.


I don’t have any echos. Is what I’m trying to do even theoretically possible. I want to Pu vibrations signal only form the st Multisensor, when the door is closed. Use this to trigger a a chime in the dome siren. Thanks again

Found something called smarttools im playing with

If you’re going to use the classic app, the following FAQ should be of interest. :sunglasses:

How to Get Started Creating Complex Rules in SmartThings

Try webCoRE. It really should be the standard toolset for SmartThings. It all runs in the cloud but most stuff does.

You will need to install the App using custom code but there’s a wiki for it. It’s really simple and will make your SmartThings journey easier.