I should buy a lotto ticket

I pre-ordered the v2 hub, got it, and was severely disappointed with reliability the first week I used it. I got constant errors in the app no matter what I did. It was a services issue, not the hub, causing my problems. I got frustrated after the first week I gave up on it.

Seriously, just today, I finally get fed up with my Vera enough to completely rebuild my Zwave network with the Smart Things as the primary controller. I just start moving on it again after resetting my the SmartThings to defaults AND THE SERVICE IS DEGRADED AGAIN.

What are the odds?!

Someone please reassure me this is not common place with this product. I like the polish over the Vera and the ridiculous number of community Smart Apps, but if this type of service degradation is common place, it’s a major deal breaker.

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If anyone said “this is not commonplace with SmartThings”, they would be lying or severely misinformed.

All the information you need to get an accurate impression of the frequency, duration, and frustrating persistence of SmartThings issues can be found by browsing through the Forum for an hour or so.

If you get a different perception than I am implying … please let me know. I’d love to be incorrect.

I use to use Vera for 3 years,I just moved over to Smartthings 60 days ago. used a lot of the smart apps with Smartthings and most of them had tons of problems. a lot of reliability problems, after 2 weeks I wanted to go back to my Vera and I almost did until I found rule machine. This is the only app I would use with Smartthings, It can do everything you wanna do and more. Now that I moved everything over to RM everything works 95% of the time. You will never get 100% even with my old control 4 system I never got 100%.

Vera things are harder to do you have to use luup code and search for apps to use all the time. With Smartthings setup is alot easier, I have 100 nodes in my network and about 50 scenes, took me 2 weeks with RM and Smartthings. Now with Vera the same stuff took about 4 months. Also smarthings has more supported devices like Echo , hue ,

I just think that Smartthings offers a lot of support for other devices and with Smartthings you have endless possibilities and the community here is the best I ever seen in home automation.


Oh, c’mon. It’s not that hard to write Vera plug-in’s. Of course, you have to use a real text editor instead of a web browser and this indeed could be a problem for some Millennials (shaking my cane in the air). :smiley:


I actually find coding for the Vera easier as their documentation seems more complete. There are loads of working examples available across the internet as well.

I am trying to get away because I am sick of simple bugs lasting YEARS.

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Terry, you’re wrong!

He doesn’t have to browse for an hour… Five minutes tops!

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Understood. I felt the same two years ago, but I can assure you, you’ll find plenty of long-lasting simple bugs to make you sick here as well. :smile:

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what’s a text editor again? Is there an app for that? I guess it will edit my coding errors, right?


Anything noteworthy I should be scared of? Even after today, Vera has pissed me off enough that I plan on going through the whole exclusion/inclusion nightmare to get SmartThings going.

Different users have different experiences with SmartThings, ranging from generally positive to extremely negative. I’m not trying to scare you. Just don’t assume that it always works. :wink: