I made a mistake while factory resetting DSC SECURITY system, have I damaged anything? Please help!

Hi all!
Ive currently been having a lot of issues with my alarm system and landline not cooperating bc of the new NBN installation, and the modem has been interfering.
I have had to deal with; either no phone, so customers cannot call me, or no alarm call once tripped.

I have been trying to sort this out, and in the process i was factory resetting the DSC classic pc1565 version 2.3 (very old) security system.
To briefly explain, for factory reset, you need to remove the wires from 2 specified zone terminals and short the terminals with a piece of wire and connect AC power to main panel, then remove the AC wiring and reconnect original wires.

Between connections you need to check which lights come up on the display, as i was doing that, i had forgotten to switch the wiring back from AC power, and continued my programming while the AC power was still installed.

The alarm system is now tripped/triggered as soon as the door opens and the sensor activates, with no entry delay. Although i have only ever had it set with entry delay.
I have already tried factory resetting and programming the entry delay but it still continues to be tripped without entry delay regardless, i am worried i may have damaged something when i continued programming with the AC power still connected. Is that possible?
Could a fault be the reason for the immediate alarm tripping?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

That sounds very frustrating: I hope you find a solution. :thinking:

Unfortunately, we aren’t going to be able to help you here. This forum is for people using the Samsung SmartThings ™ Home automation platform, so all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context. Which is a different brand and a different functionality than DSC security.

Reddit has a subforum on home security which covers all brands: folks there might be able to help you or at least direct you to a more specific forum. Good luck!


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