Hunter Douglas Power View Gen 1 & 2 Edge Driver

I was only able to add one shade of my almost 20. It works great but it didn’t add scenes or the other shades. Any thoughts?

Well If anyone stumbles upon this post like me, a shade appeared in my “things” list. I added my hub in the settings section and the shade ID. Then I was stuck. No more shades. In the main part of the device, in the app, there is calibrate, jog, and create new device button. I overlooked this. Cool way of doing this to add more shades. Thanks for the work on this!

I have Gen 2 hub…do people generally have this working with Gen 2 (and the problems are related to Gen 1)? In the past month or so, the HDPV blinds that were still showing up in Smartthings and fully controllable via the Groovy code have all disappeared. No doubt the result of the transition to Edge drivers.

This is running on my Gen2 hub.

Does anyone have this working on a Gen3 hub? I added the driver, did the Static IP and Shade ID thing and it does nothing - won’t jog or anything. Thanks!

This will not work with a Gen 3 hub.