Hues with a wall dimmer

Anybody tried to use a hue with a wall dimmer switch?

I’m turning various lights around the house to 10% red when motion is detected at night and my app knows to turn on the corresponding switch if it was off. Unfortunately, the Hues come up at 100% white when powered on. That defeats the purpose of using dim red to avoid exposure to bright light at night.

So I was wondering if I can set the dimmer to 1%, change the color and intensity values for the Hues and then bump the dimmer up to 100%.

Doubt this will work. Remember Hues have radios in them. Choking the dimmer down on them will most likely make them unreachable.

So if the “dimmer” didn’t actually control the load, then I don’t see why this wouldn’t work…

But why wouldn’t you just set the Hue level instead?

Yeah, good point. Well, there goes that idea :slight_smile:

If the switch is off, I need to turn it on first. At which point the hues come up 100% white before the color and intensity message gets to them. So this doesn’t work as a subtle motion-activated night light.

Doesn’t setLevel turn it on too? In my testing of other dimmer based stuff it does.

I modified the power outage app to turn my Hues off (under certain circumstances) when power is restored after an outage. You’ll need a powered, battery equipped device like the original Smartsense motion to use it, but it is effective.

@scottinpollock I can’t find the power outage app. What section in shared apps?

It turns the Hues, but not the Z-Wave switch.

Sorry; it is named ‘power is out’, and is in Safety & Security.

thanks. Any place you shared your edited version? looking to do the same thing you did but for my TCP lights. (and probably my new GE link Bulbs)


You’ll find it near the bottom of this page.

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Getting this error when power is restored and it tries to kill my lights

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script1409585806724651476322.offSwitches() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] @ line 77

Ooops! Copy/paste typo; just updated the file.

This works perfectly. Very Very useful!