Hue no longer working

(Joe) #1

Is anyone else having issues with hue not working? All my zwave devices are responding and my hues work with the hue app but not within SmartThings

(jkp) #2

Hue is working within SmartThings for me

(Alex) #3

Did you check the SmartApp you used to connect the two systems together?


Try running the Hue(Connect) smart app again. I just had this problem and they just released a hot fix last night to correct it.

If rerunning the smart app to find the bridge does not work, submit a ticket. Ask for Elliot specifically. I just went through this, my Hue bridge had an invalid ST token.

(Realy Living Dream) #5

This is an ongoing, repeating issue with the last few Hue updates. Hue executions are either drastically delayed or don’t fire at all.