Hue natural light simulation?

Odd question but not sure how to word it.

I was reading today about interior lighting and I read something which made me realise I could use my Hue in the lounge to do this.

Basically it’s simulating the natural light using the colour temperature of the LEDs. In the daytime, whiter(cooler) more functional lighting is best to use, whereas as the sun sets, more ambient comfort lighting should be used where the temperature is warmer.

Now you can do this with the RGB Hue manually, but I was wondering if there was already something out there that could do this automatically?
There are apps for your phone and computer to do this with the screen (f.lux)

There is. Search for Circadian Lighting.

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Thanks, however I was actually wondering if there is a SmartThings app (or standalone Android one) that could set the Hue lights to the daylight equivalent when it turns on, and then gradually change the colour throughout the day.

EDIT: Just found it

I believe @Mario_Fuchs was suggesting you search the forums so that you would find the following thread, which discusses the code you found as well as newer code and specific implementation issues:

Also remember you can always use the quick browse links from the community-created wiki to quickly find lighting apps or presence apps, or whatever from the community created section of this forum. :sunglasses: